Learn how to properly use snap-on comb attachments on Andis clippers

Finally, look for clippers that come with a set of accessories, including a cleaning brush, cleaning oils, and a variety of combs. This will save you some money since you won’t have to buy them separately. Additionally, purchasing clippers with the accessories included ensures you get the proper tools for your specific make and model of dog clippers. This is important, as using something incompatible with your grooming tools could void the warranty and break the clippers.

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I was just given the Andis ultra edge special edition 2 speed for Christmas. I am trying to get clipper combs for it. The ones I ordered are too small even though it says they work with A5 detachable blade clippers. I bought the small Andis plastic clipper combs. Any ideas on which ones I should get? I'm a home groomer who groom's my 3 dogs. Any help would be great since I'm trying to figure out just about everything to do with grooming

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Find best supplies for Canada dog grooming clipper combs and source selective dog grooming clipper combs dropshipping suppliers to Canada. Hi - I own 2 toy poodles (they weigh about 4 lbs. each) and would like to start grooming at home since the cost of professionally grooming these 2 dogs is $$! After reading the posts, it looks like Andis wins. Which model would you recommend for clipping these tiny dogs? I would like to groom one right after the other, so I need clippers powerful enough to endure, yet fit comfortably in a small hand. Which blades for these tiny dogs - for clean face/feet and fairly short body hair? Would you use snap-on combs? Will you also recommend some scissors/shears that would work best for topknots/bracelets on these tiny dogs? Thanks!

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I am looking to buy an Andis for our Goldendoodle. He has a very thick, curly coat. Would it be better to have the 22360 for the faster blade speed or the ones you mentioned above with slower blade speed? I can see that grooming Boomer is going to take a LONG time and I am worried about the blades/clipper getting too hot as I've read in most of the forums and wonder if the slower blade speed would help or if it would just be too slow for his thick coat. Also, what do you think about the clip on combs for someone just starting to groom their dog...help or hindrance?

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