Nov 18, 2012 - and he tends to bite the groomer

Your dog is probably sedate because he was barking his head off at the groomer for four hours (mine comes home from the groomer and passes out for the rest of the day)

Is it a good idea to use a dog sedative for grooming and, if so, what should you use?

Talk to your veterinarian about whether a mild sedative can be given to your dog so you can groom him. A mild sedative will make his reflexes slower and take the edge off of his aggression.

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I have heard of groomer's sedating dogs before. It's especially dangerous when they use cage dryers because they are unattended. Might want to check your state laws concerning this. In WI, it is ILLEGAL to sedate a pet unless it is under a vets supervision, AND, that vet is on site. We never use ANY calming agents here other than aromatherapy. For dogs that truly need sedation, they should be groomed at a vet.

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I doubt there is a law specifically regarding sedating dogs, but it would probably fall more under practicing veterinary medicine without a licsense. Even if the Groomer gave it ace or Xanax or any number of light sedatives, they are still by prescription and need to be approved by the vet even if the owner can administer. I have Xanax for my dogs, but if I gave it to a dog in my salon it would be an illegal use of the drug.

Gave Ollie sedative before I groomed him today..

Will my pet be sedated?
We do not give dogs any type of sedative and will not groom dogs that have been sedated. If your pet is uncomfortable to the point that he/she gets to aggressive or shows serious signs of stress, we will end the grooming session and let your vet groom him/herMainly my sedated grooms are extremely matted, sometimes older cats or farm dogs. I also have some rescued dogs that have come in (one so matted she couldn't poop!), and they are so scared of everything, the vet and I have agreed that sedating them would be much less stressful than not.My reason for asking this is because there is a grooming shop about 10 miles from where I am located and I am getting TONS of their clients calling me asking me if we drug dogs or sedate them for grooming. When I tell them NO, they are super happy and relieved sounding and they then book an appointment with me. I at first didn't know why people were asking me if we sedate or drug. Then when I noticed that more and more people were asking, I asked why. I had a woman tell me that her whole family (12 dogs in total) takes their dogs to this grooming shop and all of them had been noticing that their dogs were acting funny when they were picking them up. She then went on to tell me that She personally, went to pick her dog up and it acted like it was half asleep. When they handed her the dog is was limp. So she rushed it to the vets office and they did some tests and found that the dog had been given a sedative.I was talking to a lady today about grooming, she told me that she has taken her cocker to several places that have sedated her cocker before they groomed it without her knowing about it until she picked him up. One time she called to see if the dog was ready and they told her that he hasn't come to yet that she had to wait a bit. These groomers were not at a vets office either that were doing it. When she told me this I was in total shock and said WHAT ??? I couldn't believe it. She said she never gave them permission or signed papers for it or anything, the groomers just told her when she picked him up about the sedating. I know I haven't been in grooming for awhile but I still don't think this is the right way to do this is it ??