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My question comes into what do pet owners want to see available at a shop. How long is to long to keep pets, what open hours are desired. What type of layout do you want to see? I'm just gathering up ideas at this time but would love to hear anything and everything you would want in a shop. Everything at my current business is top notch in terms of equipment and the actual products used. I plan on taking my time and finding properly trained groomers and if needed I am willing to send them to grooming school to get them where I want in regards to training. You've gotten a lot of great advice on this thread, so I won't repeat it. One thing I would love to have in my place is to have pictures of my grooming dogs on a digital picture frame, in slideshow mode. Also, really fancy shops are beautiful, but cleanliness is key

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Pet shops are busy selling pet grooming products and offering traditional pet grooming services. Cat and dog grooming salon stylists are dying fur and developing new pet grooming and decorating design ideas for stylish pets. Cute furry pets love to be in the spotlight. Dogs and cats happily take the role of a pet star, that is guaranteed after visiting pets grooming studio.

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