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Matting is especially prevalent in long-hair dogs during seasonal shedding if the excessive hairs are not removed. Regular and frequent grooming—especially brushing—is absolutely necessary to not only prevent mats, but to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy.

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The most important aspect of good grooming is regular brushing with the correct brush. Brushing removes undercoat as it separates topcoat. Brushing prevents matting as the process distributes natural oils throughout the coat, making the skin healthier and the coat shinier. Your dog will not only look better...your best friend will feel better! And you won't find as much hair on your furniture and carpets. To do the best job, you need the right tools. (See 'Tools of the Trade' below.) Once you've decided which brush and comb are best suited to your breed's coat type, you will want to get your dog off the floor, out of your lap and onto a raised surface to effectively brush all parts of his body. A grooming table, or bath mat placed on a counter, works well but a grooming table is even better! Keep one hand on your dog at all times, or secure him by a grooming arm and loop restraint to prevent him from jumping or falling. (Remember never leave your dog unattended on a table!) Beginning at a rear foot, work your way up and over the entire body by parting the coat and brushing from the skin out in short strokes. Pay special attention to friction points, behind the dog's ears, under its front legs and around the hocks on the rear legs, which are easily matted. Be sure to remove the collar or harness so that you do not miss those areas.

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Dog Hair Mat Remover Matted dog hair can be painful for your pet, so prevent matting by brushing your dog’s coat regularly. Instead of going to the dog groomer, save some money and learn to remove matted hair yourself. Badly matted fur should always be remedied by a professional dog groomer.

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I use on the mats in her dirty coat to start to loosen them. Some mats are pretty easy to remove. With a little worked into her tangles, I can simply cut through them or cut them out completely with my. In case she moves, I only use the round tipped ballpoint scissors for this. I won’t accidently stick her with the pointed ends that non-ballpoint scissors have. I strongly recommend using round tipped scissors if you are not a professional groomer with lots of experience trimming dogs. I also have my handy. Together with , this little tool is a must for any dog owner who has a long or curly haired breed! This saves me so much time and saves her lots of pain.

Matted fur or matted hair on dogs is a common grooming problem