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Leather and silk. Hmmm. If the classy dominatrix look is not an option, try the next steps in the defense against dog hair: Clothing care and laundry.

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My pet family includes two dogs and four cats, so we’re dealing with a whole lot of pet hair on our floors, furniture, and clothing, not to mention car seats and car interiors. After a lifetime of pet parenthood and many years working in doggy daycare, I’ve become somewhat of a snob about dog hair removal tools. This list of tried and true dog hair removal tools has something for everyone, from to some . Whether you’re dealing with long hair or short fur, these tools will help you get the best dog fur in your home.

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I line my coats in satin because satin helps keep the dogs hair from matting. I also make satin lining available for my dog clothes on my website If you are a dog owner, you cannot ever truly escape pet hair. Even so-called “non-shed” breeds lose fur to some degree and it often seems like no matter how much or how little your dog sheds, all of the hair ends up on your clothing. We feel for you – that’s why we’ve put together a few practical tips for keeping pet fur off your clothes and for keeping shedding under control.

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Of course, short, thin hair is not the only prerequisite for outer clothing. Dogs that tend to have short-cropped hair — like poodles, which may grow thick hair but which owners tend to keep short to avoid matting — should also be given a sweater to protect them from very low temperatures. Also, older dogs with weaker immune systems and dogs with diseases that impair hair growth (i.e., , ) typically need an extra source for warmth, and this can be easily provided by a sweater or jacket, even indoors.

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Even the mostwell-groomed dogs and cats can shed, leaving their hair all over your clothes, from your little black dress to your favorite sweater. Anyone who owns a pet knows that it can be near impossible to get their fur off once they're on. And when simply brushing off fur isn’tcutting it, consider trying out all the best .Just because your best animal friend is covered in hair doesn't mean you shouldhave to be, too!Getting rid of dog hair on clothing can be a hassle, which is why it is important to keep up with the hair by using whatever trick or idea works for you and your dog! There are so many ways to figure out , that the options can seem endless. What really works? Here, you will find several easy ideas to rid your clothes of dog hair and some include items from around the house!