The top 10 Reasons your dog's hair cut costs more than yours…

Pet grooming prices vary greatly across the country. The larger your dog is, and the more hair that they have, will require more grooming.
The more work that your groomer needs to do on your dog, requires more time, in turn costing more to groom.

Why does it cost more to have my dog groomed than to get my own hair done? (A humorous explanation)

The average price for grooming is determined by your dogs breed and whether or not they are in reasonable condition, good temperament, normal size and average weight. The cost for dogs that are matted or undercoat packed against the skin will be a much higher price. The cost of grooming will also depend on the style of haircut. Hand scissoring requires more time and skill than using clippers to do almost all the work. Hand scissoring usually cost more money than a clipper style. The cost of grooming can be higher for oversized dogs, or whose temperament or health requires more time and patience. Most of our clients are kept on schedules of every 4 weeks to 6 weeks or 8 weeks. This helps with building a bond with your dog so that if they are nervous or fearful they can build trust with us. This makes our job easier and less stressful for your dog. Having them on a regular schedule for grooming also promotes healthy skin and coat for your dog.

Why Does My Dog's Haircut Cost More Than Mine

10 Hilarious Reasons Why A Dogs Haircut Costs More Than Mine A standard grooming (which usually includes a bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning) is cheapest for puppies, with average prices around $20. Small breed dogs with short and fine coats (like dachshunds) cost around $30, and small breed dogs with thicker or longer hair (like bichons frises) are around $40 to $50.

Why does my dog's haircut cost more than mine? - Wags My Tail

A: The cost of the grooming reflects many things. I CAN NOT give you an exact quote until I see the dog. Price depends on many things including breed, size, weight, condition of coat, what you want done, behavior of the dog, etc. Full grooms include bath, nails, ear cleaning and the haircut. Prices are subject to change at any time and fees may be added on as needed and outlined on the Grooming Fees page.

Top 10 Reasons your dogs haircut cost more than yours…

The full haircut includes everything that a bath / clean up does, plus the entire body trimming. The trim is completely designed towards how the client would like it to look. Our haircuts have a starting price of $80 for the small breeds and $100 for the mediums and larger breeds. The amount of labor determines the final cost not the breed of the dog. Nails are trimmed and hand buffed and can be requested as a la carte service for $30. on dog grooming prices, basing costs off of breed sizes and hair type. They say that small and mid-sized breeds with thinner hair, such as Pomeranians, Miniature Poodles, and Maltese, averagely cost between $30 and $50 to be groomed. Medium to large breeds with thin hair, like , Collies, and Golden Retrievers, tend to average in the $50 to $70 range.