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Products 1 - 35 of 35 ... Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Dog Harness. $79.90 ... Spiked Leather Dog Harness for Pitbull - Custom Dog Harness.

service dog harness | SAR Dog Harness for PITBULL-Search & Rescue NYLON DOG HARNESS

Best online store offers you great Pitbull dog harness directly from maker. Made of superior select materials this handmade product is a leader on the market. Heavy duty full leather easy adjustable dog harness is very comfortable. No skin irritations or skin rubbing is caused by the harness. It does not interfere with the dog's movements either. Soft interior felt padding is meant for better comfort and for maximal protection during agitation training. Absolutely safe for health. Functionally fashionable. Using this harness you will be in complete control over your pet. Buy now really worthy dog equipment!
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Get Pitbull Leather Dog Harness for Agitation|Attack Training

So why is this product right up there as a best dog harness for Pitbull? Didog Smooth Leather Dog Harness for Medium and Large Dogs,Fit Pit ... Large White Dog Collar & Leash & Harness 3 Pcs Set for Pitbull Boxer Neck for 19-22".

Purchase Most Durable Dog Harness for Pitbull Walking and Tracking

Products 1 - 99 of 118 ... Adjustable Leather Dog Harness for Pitbull Agitation/Protection Work. Choose this Padded Leather Dog Harness for non-restrictive ...

Pitbull Tracking / Walking Dog Harness for Pit Bull Terriers

Designed to fit Pitbull - H6 All Weather dog harness for tracking / pulling [H6Pitbull - Nylon multi-purpose dog harness for training] - $29.90 : Dog harness , Dog collar , Dog leash , Dog muzzle - Dog training equipment from Trusted Direct Source - Home, Dog Supplies