RedLine K9 Blue Service Dog Harness - Dog Sport Gear

Ray Allen Manufacturing is the leader in innovation and craftsmanship in nylon dog harness for professional K9 handlers. Working directly with Police K9 and Military Working Dog teams have produced our best selling patrol nylon dog harnesses that are available in standard and adjustable designs, our RAM nylon dog harness and our newest innovation the Modular Handle nylon dog harness.
Search and Rescue is another area were we teamed up with industry K9 professionals to develop new and creative nylon dog harnesses. Our SAR line includes orange nylon dog harnesses as well as an orange backpack style nylon harness.
We introduced RuffWear nylon dog harnesses for home use including nylon dog packs and harnesses designed for running, hiking for leisure trail time.


The CaliberDog MOLLE Cape Harness is a great value for the money. It is made from many of the same high quality, military-spec materials like its big brother, CaliberDog K9 Tactical MOLLE Vest. The CaliberDog MOLLE Cape Harness features the universal MOLLE system, making it compatible with all the accessories.

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The RedLine K9 Patrol harness is suited for both Protection and tracking. This Dog Harness is a favo.. Ray Allen Manufacturing continues the tradition of offering the best quality leather and craftsmanship in our leather dog harness line. We feature leather dog harnesses for tracking, agitation with and without pads. Working with K9 professionals for over 6 decades has allowed us to develop the quality, comfort and performance needed from a leather dog harness that the industry demands. Our leather dog harnesses are crafted in the USA.

RedLine K9 Service Dog Harness: DogSport Gear

Attention! In case of incorrect size choice and/or incorrect adjustment and/or incorrect leash/lead usage, the dog is able to escape from the harness or collar. For possible consequences Julius-K9 cannot assume any responsibility.

RedLine K9 Green Dog Harness - dogsport gear

Remington builds the Operator out of top shelf materials and hardware. Instead of standard Cordura, the Operator uses a 3-layer laminated material from Trelleborg. A few key things about the material make it worth the added cost. The first is it will not absorb water. It keeps the harness from smelling and prevents drip trails should the harness get wet. When Nylon gets wet it loses a lot of it strength and stretches. We've see it a lot; a well made nylon harness will repeatably get wet and start to stretch out and become ill fitting. The Operator material prevents this. It'll maintain its form and shape over the life of product. The Trelleborg material is also substantially more durable with respect to tears, scuffs and snags than a Cordura counter part. It can also be modified in the field with out the need for binding tape or stitching to prevent fraying. To provide a great fit, Remington uses Neoprene around the legs to accommodate variations in coat or chest size of K9s. With the added, included, expansion panel you can fit any 'standard sized' pointed eared shepherd. The added Neoprene and the padded chest plate add both comfort and buoyancy for water work. It's not a PFD (we have those too) but will help with a river or lake crossing. Remington didn't overlook handler convenience when making these. One of the nicer things is the included backpack straps that allow you to carry an injured dog or carry the dog over, under, through or around terrain if need be while keeping your hands free. There are 2 molded TRP handles perfect for a double handed pick up to lift a dog over a fence, up to a platform or into the back of a vehicle. There is also a single 'suit case handle' right in the middle of the harness for one handed use. The harness has full LBV capability with the AustriAlpine Cobra Buckles and added rear leg straps. Remington also added a quick connect camera mount for use with low light camera systems should you need to add that. A word on the camera mount. These guys have figured out, probably, the fastest cleanest way to mount the camera to on the dog. Currently, the Operator is a favorite of MARSOC teams and NYPD Transit Authority K9 Units.Julius-K9® Made in EU

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