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Our boarding resort offers your pet 24 hour on-site care on 6 acres of country land. The Dog House has ample outdoor play yards that your pet will enjoy throughout their fun-filled day, and you can be sure that your dog will come home happy and tired.

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The Porch Pups Dog House offers your pet a sweet shelter and a cool place to hang out. Pet Squeak wood dog houses are designed to be affordable, durable, easy to assemble and comfortable for your pet. The primary wood in Pet Squeak Dog Houses is Cunninghamia Lanceolata, commonly referred to as "White Cedar" or "Stained Whitewood". This special wood is renowned for it's strong fresh aroma, pest resistance and appearance. All our dog houses are sealed using non-toxic, pet safe sealer. You may also paint over the finish to customize the Dog House to your liking. Overall external dimension is inclusive of the roof, which will have an overhang.

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Dog House Pet Bag Dispenser Pet sitters come to your home and care for your pet when you are gone. They may stay in your home the entire time you're gone — especially if they're also house sitting for you — or they may stop in a few times a day to care for your dog or cat. Make sure the pet sitter likes your breed of animal and is willing to spend time with your pet if you want your animal to have companionship while you are away. You might invite the sitter to do a trial run and spend time with your animal before you begin your trip.

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The love that I have experienced with my own dog Samantha was the motivation to open Diamond Dog House on August 20th, 2006. I wanted Diamond Dog House to be the most caring, friendly, and fun place to bring your pet. We cherish the relationships we have formed with our pet owners, and it is a pleasure to take care of your four legged family member!

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To make the best match of dog to household, it's important that we find out about you. Our application process begins with a phone conversation or e-mail correspondence. We'll discuss your particular needs along with why you are considering the lifetime commitment of adding a pet to your household. What would a dog's life be like if he or she lived with you? Some points to consider:Once we are clear about your needs and lifestyle we can discuss which dog(s) might be a good fit and arrange for you to meet the dog. You'll do this by appointment either at the foster family's home or at a weekend pet adoption at a specified location. We prefer that the entire family be present when meeting the dog, since it is important to assess how the dog responds to everyone in the household. It really is all about relationship chemistry at this point.Debra's Dog House is your one-stop location for all of your pet's grooming and styling needs. We strive to provide caring, professional grooming for a healthier, happier pet.We are the premier pet grooming shop in Northwest Tucson, offering a wide array of grooming services for your dog or cat. Teddy's Dog House offers a loving atmosphere for your pet from a staff of experienced groomers who are committed to providing expert grooming and attention to detail.