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Keep your chilly pet warm and cozy with the K&H Pet Products Igloo-Style Heated Pad & Cover. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the half-round shape and fleece cover delivers soothing warmth while the internal thermostat is preset to warm to your dog or cat’s natural body temperature. It’s ideally suited for use in the kennel, doghouse, garage, porch or wherever else your pet prefers to sleep. The ABS plastic exterior of the pad is a breeze to keep clean with a damp cloth. The fleece cover removes easily and can be machine washed.

Heated pads specially designed to fit the popular 'Igloo' style dog houses.

Our Igloo-Style Heated Pads half round shape fits easily through the door of the Igloo-Style home and allows for the pet to stay on or off the heated surface. Constructed the same as Lectro-Kennel, the Igloo-Style Heated Pad will provide reliable, affordable comfort. An internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desirable 102 degrees when in use. A faux fleece, machine washable cover with a soft weave design that allows the warmth to radiate through is sold separately. For use with post-surgery convalescence, older and arthritic pets, whelping or puppies. UL listed, 5 1/2-foot steel-wrapped cord for safety. High-impact ABS plastic makes pad durable, easy to clean and water resistant. For use indoors or outdoors. Fits Dogloo® or Indigo® dog houses. Electricity Usage: Small Bed: 40 watts Medium Bed: 60 watts Large Bed: 80 watts

Heated Dog Beds Pads for Igloo Style Dog Houses

Large Igloo House Soft Heated Dog Bed Orthopedic Pad Indoor & Outdoor Warmer Mat For dogs who love the indoors, soft and portable heated dog mats and dog pads are a great option as well. Various styles, including orthopedic foam, zippered hoods, and igloo-style are perfect not only for pups, but other small pets as well, like rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs.

Igloo-Style Heated Dog House Pad

Round, or dome shaped doghouses have been a best seller for years and the Igloo Style Heated Pad is the answer to provide warmth for the animals using these homes. It's half round shape fits easily through the door of the home and allows for the pet to stay on or off the heated surface. The Igloo Style Heated Pad provides reliable, affordable comfort. Indoor or outdoor use. One year limited warranty.

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If you have a dog who’s frequently outside in the cold, the Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed may be just what you’re looking for. This rugged, fleece covered pad comes in three different sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one which suits your pet perfectly. Along with the differing sizes, it also comes in a few different variations which offer additional features such as user-adjustable thermostats and igloo-style covers if you don’t already have a sheltered place to place the pad.Purchase a doghouse heater from your local pet store, or use heated pads to increase the temperature inside the igloo. This is especially important after dark when temperatures drop.