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At the risk of seeming like a crazy dog lady, I’m writing two pet product reviews back-to-back! This bed turned out to be a pretty big hit with the small dog in my household. When I started looking for a new dog bed for my 6 lb Yorkie, I knew I wanted an igloo-like enclosed, comfy structure. While I can’t speak for everyone’s dog, I chose this bed because my dog enjoys the comfort and security of smaller enclosed spaces. Turns out the knows what’s up when it comes to providing comfort and security for little dogs. I chose this item in the Sherpa brown color because we thought it would match our decor and it did not disappoint.

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Igloo houses are gaining popularity fast. While they might be hard to find regardless your dog size, having one of them in your backyard is considered stylish. Igloo dog houses reviews from owners of different dog types are mostly positive.

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If you want to know more information related to the tag of dog igloo reviews, please visit . I haven't put a thermometer in the dog house to see how warm it is, but when I put my hand in there, it feels warm. I have an Igloo house (Dogloo II) with a door and also I put some bales of straw in front of the door to block the wind even further. From all the reviews I have read online, most people like this heater for their dog house. It's been bitterly cold here in TN lately so I'm glad I got the heater when I did. I would recommend getting one for maximum comfort for you dog. We're still sort of evaluating ours but so far, I like it.

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