It works great for front-heavy dogs too, like some bully breeds. My terrier mix was built a little like a Bulldog and had severe hip dysplasia in one hip, and without a Float Coat he had to paddle frantically reaching his front legs high out of the water to keep his head above the water. With a life jacket he was able to swim normally.

Trouser Dog Suit 16inch Long Coat With Legs Navy 800x582 · DOG SNOWSUIT SKI JACKET SNOW COAT SUIT W REMOVABLE LEGS AND HOOD 233x300.

Made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, the DogHelios Blizzard Full-Bodied Dog Jacket will certainly make your dog look the part of an intrepid explorer! Whereas most dog jackets on the market only focus on covering the back, chest and belly of your dog, where he loses most heat, the DogHelios Blizzard goes one step further and protects your dog’s legs from cold weather too.

22 DIY Ideas to Create Dog Sweater

Oct 8, 2015 - iPet Hooded Polyester Waterproof Dog Jacket with Legs: This is like a little miniature track suit for your dog This is for a German Shorthair Pointer. Super skinny and tends to find herself running through the brush at 40mph. She gets cold, sleeps in the foot of my sleeping bag. I think she'd enjoy the winter more with a good jacket.

So my concern is durability. They are pretty expensive for a dog, $70 to $90, and I'd be fine with that if they last.

My main requirements are the belly area being durable and being made of a material that doesn't pick up burrs or get clogged with snow. I really like the ruffwear stuff with front legs and no back legs. They look a lot warmer than the hunting burr protector type of vests. The puffy looks perfect but I'm worried it'll last a week. Maybe the softshell is durable?

Anyone tried these with a rough and tumble type of dog?

Also, sweat pant legs work just as well.

Steps:1. Cut off the sleeve to match the measurements of your dog’s back.2. Take off the cuff of the sleeve, as it will likely be too tight for your dog’s neck.3. Measure the distance between your dog’s front legs and mark it on the cut sleeve.4. Cut the holes so that they are big enough for your dog’s paws to fit.5. You can even roll the edge of the sleeve back to make a collar for your dog.6. Now you have a jacket made for your dog with very little cost or effort and no sewing!

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