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Considered the industry’s most efficient vertical lift doors, Mason Transfer Doors accommodate a variety of kennel needs. Wall Mounted Transfer Doors can provide controlled indoor-outdoor dog access. Panel Mounted Transfer Doors can be mounted to any Mason back panel or division panel. All Transfer Doors glide easily in specially designed, heavy-duty aluminum channels. These transfer doors come with an option of an “S” hook or attractive dog-bone shaped handle for weight-assisted doors.

Our Direct glass dog kennel doors are available in standard and custom sizes.

No kennel dog door can claim that they will stop the wind entirely. Although, our kennel doors area specifically designed to resist flapping from the wind. The actual weight from the high-quality material of the wind-resistant kennel dog door ensures it will minimize flapping.

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To get complete details on how we can install Guillotine Dog Kennel Doors in your facility… In addition to the points stated above, you need to pick those doors that will allow easy movement of the dog, in & out the kennel. For instance, if you own the , you should opt for the Big Dog Door for the kennel.

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The market is loaded with innumerable options like the outdoor metal dog kennel as well doors of various other types. The abundance of alternatives can trigger a challenge in the path of selecting the most suitable options.

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Introducing the only insulated overhead guillotine dog kennel door on the market. The unique layered panel design provides for optimal insulation and greater strength than conventional kennel doors.The Security Boss Insulated Guillotine kenIntroducing the only insulated overhead guillotine dog kennel door on the market. The unique layered panel design provides for optimal insulation and greater strength than conventional kennel doors.The Insulated Guillotine kennel door is not only popular in commercial settings but is a necessity for the residential (homeowner) private kennel. Security Boss has designed the side channels of the guillotine door to work with both the insulated panels as well as the standard panels. This is a huge benefit for kennel owners who may want to start out with the standard panel design, and then upgrade to the insulated panels. No need to change or reorder the side channels, they work with either panel. The Security Boss Guillotine Kennel Doors use the strongest side rail channel on the market, these are the thickest, most durable side channels available. Edges are contoured so there are no sharp angles that could cause abrasions or injury. ( This side view allows you to see the unique design that allows for the use of either the standard 1/4" HDPE panel or the 1/2" thick insulated panel). that provide a better weather resistant barrier than a standard "C" channel that are found in other brands of kennel doors. The unique Security Boss side rails are designed for either the standard panel or the insulated panel. Often budget constraints dictate choices during construction, but with Security Boss, you can simply , without changing the side rails. The Standard Panel is a 1/4" thick HDPE panel that is made for every day abuse and wear. The tough HDPE is chemical, detergent and bacteria resistant. We made the in the side rails as well, this allows for easy installation of your guillotine doors to ensure they slide evenly and easily.The Standard Guillotine kennel dog door comes with a bottom seal to provide for a superior seal. This bottom weather seal is replaceable and has no screws or contact points where a dog may injure themselves. The weather seal has has a rubber bulb along the bottom that is affixed to a heavy duty, metal reinforced vinyl slip on channel. We have found that some people love this feature, others simply remove it and use the doors without it.Each door is equipped with all the necessary mounting hardware to operate your guillotine door from the exterior of the kennel. nel door is a layered design which is comprised of an air-cell interior that is reinforced with aluminum facing and then covered on both sides with tough, durable ABS. (Cross section shown on left).This layered design is fastened together by free floating rivets. The result is an incredibly strong, insulating panel that will drastically help with energy costs.