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We love our Double Doggie Den! Gone are the unsightly wire kennels in our dining room and instead sits a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that constantly receives compliments. This fits right in with the wooden decor of our home and is simply beautiful. The dogs don’t mind it either 🙂

Kennel & Crate was created from a passion of architecture and a love for dogs.

When it's time for doggie play dates, trips to the vet and airline travel, easy-to-transport dog crates and certainly come in handy. Built-in handles offer easy carrying for pet parents, while securely locking doors and seatbelt slots keep your loyal companion safe during transport. Larger-sized portable dog kennels designed for the back of your truck or van ensure safety during trips and expeditions, and folding options enable quick storage when it's time to head out.

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Find cat scratching posts, dog kennels, dog bowls, dog collars, dog seat covers and more Want to cut your pup’s housebreaking time in half? That’s the promise of this single-door, large metal dog crate. It comes with a divider panel, to ensure proper sizing for small puppies that will grow into big adult dogs. What’s more, this folding kennel rolls in plenty of safety and security features, including slide-bolt latches, an ABS composite tray, and plastic handles for easy carrying. Includes a divider, to adjust the kennel’s size from puppy to adult.

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If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable crate, this collapsible model might do the trick. With a full range of features, including double doors and slide-bolt latches, this large metal dog crate is appropriate for both in-home use and travel. You’ll love the epoxy coating – it’s odor-, fade-, rust-, and corrosion-resistant, even in the most extreme climates – and the all-steel, high tensile-strength wire (gauges 5 to 9) that lends this kennel durability.

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Midwest Metals has been in business since 1921, so you you are buying from a company that stands the test of time. With an emphasis on quality, and with a broad array of crate/kennel options, Midwest has earned the loyalty of generations of pet owners. Whatever your budget and whatever your needs, we likely have a Midwest Dog Crate for you!Welcome to Canine Crate Store! We are your headquarters for the best dog crates, kennels, carriers, and just about any canine related product you can think of. We are a small family owned business dedicated to offering you the customer the personalized service you can only find from a small family business owned by people who have and love their dogs. We have partnered with some of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the business to bring your the best dog products delivered directly to your door whlle allowing us to keep our business small, and minimize our footprint by eliminating the middle man, and the overhead, fuel, and utilities used to ship and store products in a warehouse. Thank you for visiting our website!