It's the original, super-bouncy, built-to-chew favorite

We’ve been making KONGs from our own proprietary, pet-safe, built-to-chew rubber ever since. Dogs love KONG. The way it bounces keeps them engaged and ready to play. It has a soft mouth feel for a satisfying chew and, of course, it’s super durable. Owners love KONG too; they can stuff it, throw it, leave it out in the yard — KONG keeps coming back for more.

We currently have a total of 16 Kongs which our 2 dogs enjoy on a daily basis.

We teach the dog to chew from the Kong when we are there. This means we are able to supervise the dog and make sure he can use it safely. I will explain the protocol I would use for using Kongs with a nervous dog so that the dog can enjoy being out in dog friendly premises.

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Using stuffed Kongs to entertain  was an idea of the great dog trainer, Not all Kongs are created equal! While they can be fun toys to chase on their own, the real value from Kongs comes from the delicious morsels that we can stuff inside them. If packed well, Kongs can keep our dogs entertained for hours!

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The KONG is a nontoxic, dishwasher-safe rubber toy with a hollow center. When stuffed with food, it provides dogs with a healthy outlet for their natural desire to chew and lick. KONGs come in many sizes, from very tiny to extra-large. Some are made for puppies with baby teeth, some are made for regular chewers and some are made for dogs with powerful jaws. There’s a KONG out there for every dog!

What do most people stuff inside their dog's KONG toy?..

In addition to the typical snowman-like Kongs, Kong also offers a line of chews, , pull toys (such as the Kong Wubba and the Kong Tugger Knots), , a dog , floating toys, squeakers, and various interactive toys and accessories. For cats, Kong also has a line of toys including a cat version of their "Wubba", as well as scratching boards, , and other chew toys.Are you stuffing a kong with peanut butter, yogurt, or another soft substance? FREEZE KONGS to make them last longer and keep your dog engaged for a longer period.A great rainy day game is hide and seek! The Kong’s hollow center allows you to stuff pretty much any treat you can imagine into it. Stuff it full of your dog’s favorite goodie, hide it around your house and let them search for it!When you have more than one Kong, you can line them up and hide a treat under just one of the Kongs. Bring your dog into the room and watch as they sniff out the Kong that has the hidden treasure!