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Would anyone in the child or infant care industry design a concept involving a gun whatsoever? Why should this be any different. After the creators of this gun-leash design, Art Lebedev Studios, got whip-lashed by negative on , they decided to change the hand-gun to a water-gun design. So now we are squirting our dog with a water gun pointed at their heads instead, unfortunately, as the original design remains immortalized in the true pet-lover’s psyche.

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This would not go over well with my dog. Every time I go into the safe to get guns out she thinks I am getting out the laser for her to chase. No I do not keep the laser mounted during play time. I suspect she would get mixed messages if guns meant play time and leash time. She hates leashes.

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Handgun Dog Leash Excessive use of the firearm is at the center of this story. As such I am surprised that the Sheriff’s Office decided not to prosecute. By doing so they are encouraging a dangerous precedent. It is quite plausible to have a scenario where another person or multiple individuals interpret Sheriff’s Office decision to let this person of the hook, as a free card to shoot any dog in any public area that is off the leash and got near them. For as long as one states the magic phrase and sticks to the story after the fact. Do we really want that around our schools and neighborhoods? This has nothing to do with the second amendment which by the way as a responsible gun owner I fully support.
That decision makes no sense. Not in Loudon County.
I hope there is an inquiry into the Sheriff’s Office decision - for the safety of my family and my community.

Povodokus Gun-Shaped Dog Leash.

Topics Covered: Development of the positive gun dog training niche, proper dog evaluation and selection, developing off-leash reliability (of use to both pet and gun dogs), the positive trained retrieve (of use to both pet and gun dogs), and a Q&A session with Tom and Linda

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Interesting idea… but I don’t like the idea of pointing a gun (real or fake) at a pet dog for an extended period of time, especially considering the trigger controls the feed of the leash. Might develop some unwanted muscle memory, and next time you pick up your real gun, all of the sudden your calling sparky for his walk and BLAM… try explaining that one. Not to mention the fact that some dumbass would probably call the cops on you thinking you somehow modified a real gun to act as a leash. Then the usual scenario plays out; the cops show up shoot your dog and then almost shoot you. :P *I kid I kid… sort of..* specializes in designs that impart a sensibility that only those born East of the Iron Curtain can pull off. With studios in Moscow and Kiev, the consortium of artists and industrial and commercial designers have released prototypes of a retractable handgun shaped dog leash, replete with a red nylon.