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About the author: I’m Chris, and let me tell you about one of the biggest dogs I’ve ever owned. He was a Shar-Pei / Boxer mix — one of the friendliest dogs I’ve owned, but truthfully it kind of scared me a little because my uncle had raised it as a tough dog and it had been injured in the head at some point (a wild burro kicked it!). This was a big dog, capable of jumping up onto the top of our 6 foot tall block fence and over into the neighbors yard. But, this dog was tons of fun to go exploring with, and was a really fast runner. If he got off his leash, he would be gone in a minute — and difficult to catch! His name was Hughie, and he would sleep at the foot of my bed. So, which one should you get? Large Dog Life Jacket’s can be tricky to buy. Please stay tuned, as I’ll be reviewing more dog life vests as I come across them.

Doggy Flotation Vest from EzyDog is a perfect life vest for large or medium sized dogs.

Larger dogs can swim for longer periods than some smaller dogs but can still get tired if left in the water without a life vest or some form of pet flotation device.

Dog Pet Life Jackets 600D Oxford Cloth Pet Dog Life Vest Large Dog.

Flowt 40902-L Dog Life Vest, Red, Large - Global Industrial I love Kong products, in general, but am not a big fan of this dog life vest for your small dog. While I love the easy-to-see red handle placed well up front, the front end opening is too large, shifting the bulk of the floatation back on the dog’s body which makes tipping forward look like more of a risk. The down sloping neck support isn’t my favorite either. It appears to me to be a large dog life vest made smaller rather than a vest made specifically for small dogs, like the product above. So, as much as it pains me to say it, buy all the you want but skip this vest for now.

Flowt 40902-L Dog Life Vest, Red, Large

All vests should have reflective stripes to help with visibility, quick release buckles, and, most importantly, a large nylon handle on the top of the vest to make it easier to snatch your dog out of the water. Have your dog wear the vest at home to ensure that it not only fits correctly but to also give your dog time to get use to it. You don't want him battling his life vest as he is trying to swim to safety.

Petego Salty Dog Pet Life Vest - Extra Large - BJ's Wholesale Club