Adventure Light Battery Replacement for Adventure Light Dog Collars.

When you first receive your Glowdoggie™ LED collar, the first thing you’ll notice is that the LED lights aren’t glowing. This is because we’ve added a small plastic cap inside the battery assembly to keep the lights off during shipping. Removing the cap is simple, just follow the instructions or watch the videos below. (For the Mini, see the guide sheet included with the product).

Collar Attachment  Keeps Hair Away From Light  Keeps Light Low Beneath Dog's Head

Similar to a high-performance vehicle, the Glowdoggie Ultra lighted dog collar needs more energy to shine as bright as it does. So battery life is approx. 25 hours with quality, non-rechargeable AAA batteries (or close to one month of 1 hour evening walks)....and to about 12 hours with 850mAh rechargeable AAAs such as Duracell Staycharged. With the average usage cost of $1 per month, that’s a small price to pay for the maximum in your dog’s safety. , warning you to change the batteries at the very next opportunity, or at least to de-activate the unit until you can. Please don’t leave dead batteries in your Ultra for longer periods of non-use (such as over summer) to avoid the risk of damaging battery leaks, which will void the warranty.

Benefits of Adventure Lights -Guardian Dog Collar Lights:

The Guardian Dog Collar Light is the ONLY WATERPROOF light for a dog’s collar. This collar works great. I love the different lighting features it has. I can have it blink or steady light or rotating motion. The light is nice and bright making it very visible at night for your dog's safety. It's fairly wide so I don't recommend this collar for small dogs. I have a sheltie and it's almost too wide for him but since he has a thick full coat it doesn't look big on him. Overall, I'm very happy with it and recommend buying it.

Choosing the Right Collar Light for Your Dog

The Nite Dawg LED Light-Up Dog Collar has been designed to give you, the dog owner, the ability to see your pet after dark. Engineered from a lightweight and durable nylon that is built with a polymer core that lights up when you need it to. As a secondary safety measure, the collar has a reflective stripe that can keep your dog visible to both you and any others within 1,000 feet.

Lighted Dog Collars and Leashes

Glowdoggie™ LED lighted dog collars are covered by a limited 2 year warranty. Should material or electronic defects occur within this time, please let us know and your product will be repaired, replaced or refunded. The warranty will not cover any damage caused by neglect or improper use, or failure to ensure the silicone sleeves are properly over both connecting sections between the LED tube and the battery tube. It does not cover faulty or leaking batteries or damage caused by faulty battery replacement procedures (see our video below on changing them properly). The Glowdoggie™ is 100% waterproof, but within reasonable limits. Testing those limits in ways a dog wouldn’t will void the warranty coverage. Email us at with any questions or problems concerning your Glowdoggie™. Most problems can be easily fixed and we’re always happy to help.
The Glowdoggie™ MINI light-up dog collar is just as waterproof and durable as our standard lighted collar, but specially designed for smaller and lighter-framed dogs up to 13 inches head circumference.