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About: The is a water bowl for messy drinkers with a snap-on lid design that forces dogs to push their whole snout down into the funnel in order to lap up water. This prevents mess and slows dogs down from drinking too fast.

Tell us about your messy drinker – how do you contain your dog’s mess? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Many years ago I saw this fascinating science show on how animals drink water which included slow motion video of dogs. It showed that dogs plunge their tongue into the bowl of water and then curl them backwards to create a ladle to scoop up the water into the bottom of their mouths! They are literally splashing the water to the back rather than politely sipping which can be quite messy. I had a female show dog once who was also a real messy drinker. Here are some tricks I learned to help keep things dry.

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My dog is a messy drinker too. I found a mat that you can put underneath the bowls. But, having a “deck” around the bowls seems to help too. Small pieces of food also stick around his mouth and nose area. If your pup is a messy drinker, and they usually are, he’s face is probably drenched in water and slobber after he takes a few slurps. The dogs hate the feeling of something ‘alien’ stuck on their face, thus they’ll toss their heads into the carpet, twist and rub their faces wherever they see fit.

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So my question is, what do you use other than the standard bowl on the ground? Trying to solve, water bowl playing, messy drinking, access to all size dogs and all day access to water.

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While measuring tongue motion, recording water volumes, and observing lapping techniques, the researchers ended up creating a physical model of the tongue's interaction with the air-fluid interface, giving the team a tangible way to explore the method, and finally ending the mystery of why dogs are such messy drinkers.I have found that my 7 month old flatcoat named Candy is a very messy drinker. I have done some research and have found several things for dogs that make messes while drinking but nothing that can help with the aftermath. While she is drinking she is fine. But once she leaves it is like a waterfall falling from her chops leaving a trail a good 5 feet long. Any tips or will she grow out of this?Thanks Lindsey for this review!!! D.O.G. got a soft tissue injury to his left sholder this spring so we bought elevated bowls to help with that but Belle is our messy drinker!! So I have a mat under her side, where the water is. I looked at this product but like you thought the colors were ugly!!! We are planning on moving the place the dogs eat and I am looking at getting two of these, I figured it would help with the spilling and also let our dogs eat side by side as Belle wont be able to see D.O.G. as she’s eating. Thanks for the review!!!! It really helped!!!– If your dog is a messy drinker, you can move your water bowl outside. Make sure to fill the water daily, especially during the hot days of summer. Water on tile or wood floors can be a slip hazard, moving the water bowl outside helps reduce this hazard and keeps your house cleaner.