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Cincinnati veterinarian Dr. Robert Biederman said it’s of the utmost importance that dog owners keep things like sugar-free gum, mints and candy packed away.

While tempting, do not give your dog any mints for dealing with bad breath.

WoofMints™ are both vet-approved and made in the USA. The mints work when the organic peppermint and parsley oils dissolve in your dog’s stomach. The best results are expected in about 7 days after consecutive use. Depending on which your pup prefers, WoofMints™ can be mixed in with your dog’s food or with their favorite treat. We recommend pill pops or peanut butter.

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DIY Doggie Breath Mints - Make these Valentine mints for your favorite pooch! #diy #dogrecipes It turns out, he'd had a reaction to the xylitol in the mints, a type of sweetener found in many sugar-free gums and other products, is safe for humans and terribly toxic for dogs.

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I’ve written before about the importance of a regular but sometimes even with good hygiene, your mutt’s breath might still be less than appealing. That’s why I got so excited when I found these adorable doggy breath mints.

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Homemade Dog Breath Mints are a really good thing! Dogs love these treats and they make their breath fresher…that’s a win-win, for sure!Woofmints is an all natural dog breath freshener. The gel caps dissolve inside your dog’s stomach, releasing organic peppermint & parsley oils & turning your dog’s bad breath from foul to fresh—all from within! Expect results after approximately 7 days of consecutive use.For all of us pet owner’s out there we know as soon as our dog’s start to grow they eventually reach a phase where their breath starts to smell which is why you are searching for dog breath mints.Whether you’re looking to cure a bad case of puppy breath, or eliminate your old pup’s stinky dog breath—Woofmints dog breath fresheners are a perfect remedy. that promises to help freshen up your dog's breath quickly and easily. Simply feed your dog one mint in the morning and one in the evening and after 7 days, your Wolf Mints says your dog will have fresh, kissable breath.Selling hotly on Amazon, Yip Yap’s customers are more than satisfied with the quality of the product. At Amazon the Yip Yap mints are available at a price of $46.95 for 12 packs, making it a nice bargain for the dog owners out there.