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If you are handy, you may be wondering if you may use some cutting tools from your existing tool chest to DIY clip dog nails. Some of tools you have may work, some will not. To save you time, I will share with you which one worked for me, but most importantly I will show you how to test it out because you don't want to hurt your doggy.

If you are not handy, you may buy specialized dog nail clippers. A lot of people are afraid to trim their dog's nails. I will show you what features you are looking for and how to use the clipper.

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Dog nail trimming tools come in several varieties and provide a few different approaches.

We’ll cover several different types of dog nail trimming tools owners can use, and go through the advantages and disadvantages of each tool to help you decide which is best for your pup!

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There are several types of dog nail trimmers, including scissors, grinder tools and guillotine types. Metal Hand File or Power Rotary Tool: If your dog will tolerate it, you can use one of these tools to smooth the rough edges after the nail is trimmed. Many professionals prefer to skip the nail trim altogether and use a power rotary tool exclusively (like a Dremel or the Peticure). Because of the sound and vibrations associated with the power tools, you must gradually introduce the tool, allowing your dog get used to it before using it on the nails. This can take days to weeks depending on your dog.

A Stress-Free Way For Trimming Your Dog's Toenails

Make sure you learn the process of properly clipping your dogs nails, train your GSD with positive feedback, praise and lot's of treats during this process, use only the best SHARP tools for trimming, and show patience throughout the entire dog nail trimming procedure, and you will both learn to enjoy the time you spend together - even when clipping your dogs nails.

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You should always use nail trimmers suitable for the size of the dog and always use a professional quality dog nail trimmer. These are designed to accommodate the shape of the dog's nail. attempt to use a human nail trimmer, even on the tiniest of dogs. The quality of the nail trimmers is an important consideration as using dull or inferior quality tools can create a potentially dangerous, painful, or at the very least, frightening experience for the dog or the groomer. Dull nail trimmers can crush, rather than cut the nail causing the dog unnecessary pain and creating a jagged edge on the nail. Low quality trimmers or nail clippers not in good working order can pinch the nail, becoming lodged on the nail.Pet Stores do sell nail trimming tools which allow you to trim your dog's nails at home. We do advise you to do some research on the anatomy of your dog's nails before you attempt to cut or trim their nails. In addition to nail trimming tools, we recommend purchasing a bottle of Kwik Stop at your local pet store in the event you inadvertantly cut the vein. This will help to clot the cut sooner, and make for less of a mess.