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Whether you and your dog are training, walking, day hiking, backpacking, or trail running we have the dog backpack you’re looking for form top brands like Ruffwear, EzyDog, Mountainsmith and Kurgo. All of the dog packs we carry are trail tested and ready for whatever adventure you and your dog set off on. We have dog packs for hydration, smaller capacity dog backpacks for training and day hiking and bigger dog packs for your multi-day backcountry excursions. We have packs to fit the adventure ready small dogs and big dogs alike. Have questions about which dog backpack is the best fit for your dog or need help with sizing? , we're here to help!

Let your dog carry her own treats and water. Check that packs have reflective areas for night hiking and are padded for a comfortable fit.

Starting out is fairly simple. I do not recommend taking a dog hiking without any training. As a young dog, try putting a towel on the dog’s back and pinning it underneath his belly and walking him on a leash, so that he can get used to the feeling of something on his back. Then, progress. Try the empty packs on your dog and walk him a bit so he can get used to the feel. Most of the time he will hardly notice. If all goes well, add a few items in the pack (an eighth of the dog’s weight or so) just to familiarize him with both the extra poundage and the bulk. The packs should ride forward toward the dog’s shoulders rather than back toward the loins. This is a very important step as you do not want to injure the dogs spine.

Great for day hikes and overnight adventures.

Hiking packs for dogs are a great way to get a little extra muscle power on the trail Once your dog has all of the appropriate cogs you need to get the gear to make sure your pup is the most popular in the park or out on the trail. Collars, dog packs, dog beds and flying discs are only the tip of the iceberg. For example: Humans aren’t the only ones who need hiking boots, and thats why there are boots for your dog to wear mountaineering too.

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As with many of the best dog backpacks, the saddlebags will slide to one side if the weight is not distributed evenly. Some reviewers were not happy with the quality of this product, saying that it was easily ripped and not durable enough for hiking with their pet. Other buyers were dissatisfied with the plastic buckles on the adjustable straps. They claim that they break easily and cannot withstand normal wear and tear.

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We have a customized cargo van for the dogs. We turned a Chevy Express Passenger Van into a customized van for the dogs. The van has air conditioning and heating, a padded floor with a blanket, hooks with cables to attach to dogs’ backpacks, which allows us to have “assigned seating,” vents alongside the van to allow for fresh air to circulate, and an electric vent on the back door of the van to suck the air into the van through the side vents and windows and past the dogs, which gives them all the smells and fresh energy from outside. With all of the effort we put into getting the dogs in our pack into a good state of mind, we want to make sure that they stay comfortable and happy so they can retain the positive energy that they picked up during the hike.Secret: I don’t actually use a dog bed. My 12- and 25-pound pooches fit snuggled on top of my sleeping bag (or a pile of clothes!) just fine, but my friends with larger dogs swear by them. Shannon Davis, editorial and partnerships director at Hiking Project, has a Ruffwear Highlands bed. He says, “It gave my 90-pound lab a warm, comfortable place to plop when I’d kick him off of my bag, and for my medium size, slightly neurotic cattle dog Lobo, it lets him know where his home is.” Plus, it packs down to the size of a burrito and only weighs 13 ounces. $60,