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Aspirin can provide temporary or long-term relief of pain and inflammation for dogs suffering from injury, or from more chronic conditions like arthritis. While even over-the-counter drugs like aspirin can have side effects, prescription drugs for pain relief often have more serious side effects, especially when used in the long term. Over-the-counter drugs like aspirin can also be cheaper to administer.

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Dr. Messonnier agrees that drugs work best for immediate relief of acute and severe pain, while herbal, homeopathic and nutritional supplements are most helpful for chronic conditions. “For a dog with arthritis, I would use a drug like Rimadyl for a bad day, and use glucosamine and acupuncture for a long-term approach,” he says. Canine disk disease might be treated with a combination of acupuncture and a homeopathic remedy called Hypericum (veterinary strength, not over-the-counter) for nerve injury. He says homeopathic Arnica is helpful for any sort of trauma or wound, and also recommends a proprietary herbal mixture called Post Care to control the bruising, swelling and pain associated with surgery or trauma.

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Some dog arthritis pain relief medication can be bought over the counter We reviewed the best glucosamine supplements for dogs so Glucosamine for Dogs Advanced. Here are tips for treating arthritis pain. Dog Arthritis Over The Counter Pain Relief Best Market Supplement the lateral part of the knee is innervated by the nerves of the biceps femoris muscle and the vastus lateralis muscle[12].

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The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are the mainstay of pain relief in dogs. Unfortunately, cats do not tolerate this group of medications very well, with a few exceptions. Many clients view NSAID medications as safe, based on the fact that many of them are over-the-counter medications for human use. Despite this general feeling of safety it should be noted that aspirin alone is suspected of causing approximately 16,000 deaths per year in the United States due primarily to gastric or intestinal ulcers. This group of medications is safer in many respects than other classes of pain relief medication but they are not entirely risk free. NSAIDs are frequently used for both acute and chronic pain.

For longer-term pain relief, also consider giving your dog fish oil.

Some dog arthritis pain relief medication can be bought over the counter. There are several products onthe market for which you do not need a medical prescription, but it is recommended to use them in low doses only. If the pain persists, you should consult your veterinarian for prescription medication. Some anti-inflammatory medication that you can buy over the counter can have serious side effects, so if you notice any changes in your dog after administering such drugs, stop the administration immediately and see your veterinarian.If your dog is suffering from arthritis or other nonlife-threatening painful conditions, an anti-inflammatory medication might offer relief. Although you can purchase anti-inflammatory medications for your dog over the counter, always check with your vet before buying and administering these drugs. Many of these supplements require daily administration for days or weeks before having any noticeable affect on your dog.