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You can also use lemon to make an effective anti-fungal rinse. Use the same measurements for lemon as for apple cider vinegar. Another option is to use 20 drops of peppermint essential oil in a gallon of water to treat yeasty paws, or use a tea tree oil shampoo to bathe your pooch. If using lemon as a yeast treatment, note that it might bleach dark dog hair. Avoid getting any rinse in your dog's eyes. Use a cone collar to prevent your dog from constantly licking and biting her paws. Keep your dog away from moist areas while she is being treated for fungus.

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Dog wipes are not a substitute for a good . I want to make that super clear. However, you can use dog bath wipes for quick cleanups. Dog wipes work well on surface dirt, or dirt floating on top of your dog’s coat. They’re also helpful for cleaning small areas, such as dirty paws or on your dog’s muzzle. In short, dog wipes are great for spot cleaning.

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Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove This one-handed, wag-worthy washer makes dog bath time less stressful. Hi, my granddaughter had bad eczema as a baby and was told to give her diluted dettol baths. It worked a treat, no more eczema. I was wondering would this work on my dogs paws and stop her from licking her paws roar. Ive checked her paws no foreign things in them, nails are trimmed has a natural diet & is bathed in oatmeal shampoo. Is diluted dettol wash safe for dogs?


Itchy paws.. 1 cup white vinegar, one cup peroxide and one gallon of water. Mix together and soak the paws morning and night. 30 seconds to 1 minute eash. Most importantly you have to determine why the yeasty paws. Our dog was allergic to grain. I switched to TOTW bison and helped but she couldn’t get rid of the yeast. She also was on Hydroxine. 2 in the morning and 2 at night. After allot of research I switched to Acana limited lamb and apple. I believe it was the corn that was causing problems. Acana limited has no grain, no corn, no tapioca or starch. I also gave her a human probiotic. Ultimate Flora. She is 100 #’s. Within 2 weeks all itching had stopped. One day a week I soak her feet for maintenance. It has been a wonderful transformation. The vet could not believe how clear her ears were. It is coming up to 3 month now. We are going to be backing off on the hydroxine soon. Vet suggested to keep giving her the pills for 3 months. It takes that long for toxins to get out of the system. Acana, Ultimate Flora and the foot baths have made our girl Georgi a very happy and content family member.

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Dogs love to play in the dirt and mud – it’s natural. As a dog owner, I enjoy letting my pups do what they do best while outdoors. Unfortunately, that means frequently cleaning doggy paws after digging holes or even just from a few minutes outside to go to the bathroom after a heavy rain. My method used to be simply wiping their paws with a towel that i kept by the door. However, thanks to wonderful and innovative pet product companies, we now have easier options for cleaning our dogs paws, and properly cleaning paws may be more important than you think.If you’re looking for something cheaper than a paw washer or if your dog is afraid of water, the next best products are washing gloves and wipes. These still provide more thorough cleaning than using a traditional bath towel or paper towels.