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Not all people though have the fortune of having access to a yard, and some dog and puppy owners may find it easier to use the dog pee pads permanently (or partially, at least until the puppy is old enough to hold it for longer periods of time) for various reasons. Here are a few examples of cases where dog potty training pads may turn useful:

When pee pads and bedding absorb urine from a crate, your dog can think peeing in the crate is OK.

Works For Me! (): “I have 4 Chihuahuas. The youngest two like to play with their potty pads. The oldest one would seem to pee towards the edge and miss the pad sometimes. I had my husband make me an oak frame to go around these, which I stained and applied polyurethane. I now have no issues with the dogs dragging the pads around…”

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I don't use pee pads. I think they are messy. They can confuse dogs and elongate house training. It was a trial and error process. We tried using the dog litter and dog pan we tried to work with them on the astroturf mat thing that we got at the as seen on tv store, but they're only consistent with the pee pads underneath a ratty old welcome mat. anywhere else and they know they've done wrong but tehy avoided the astroturf like the plague and they just looked up at me dejectedly when we were trying to get them to use the dog pans.

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But yeah, we've got them trained to pee on pads indoors, though it's not an excuse not to take them outside or on daily walks. I wouldn't be willing to do this with a bigger dog, but seeing as how they're half cat sized, it's really not too much more trouble than cleaning the cat pans daily.

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