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Another option might be starting an , or at least leaving up a particularly snarky note as opposed to a classic “Curb Your Dog” sign (see the notes on Facebook for some entertaining examples). But again, if anything’s going to get someone to change his or her poop scooping habits, it might not be a note one can just walk by or dismiss as being aimed at someone else.

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I learned one thing from this article–this isn’t a problem just in the U.S.
My initial reaction is that if we can’t seem to do anything about responsible gun control in this country, what chance have we with poop control?
I have however seen a small ray of hope. When I met my wife she had a dog; After she moved in I’d do the late night walking–mostly on 18th St. by the Prospect Expressway, and it seemed to be a designated drop-it-and-leave-it site.
Some 16 years after Vista, and as (once again) a dog owner, things are significantly better. Why? I don’t think there are more handy waste receptacles. I think that social pressure has actually made things a bit better (as with lower smoking rates). So anything we can do to make inconsiderate, disgusting behavior socially unacceptable just might work–eventually.

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Michael Bierut and Jesse Reed from design firm recently created eye-catching new signage for the grounds of New York City’s . The grounds are a popular dog-walking spot, and the campaign uses irreverent humor to deliver a strong message about the unholy problem of dog poop.• If you want to mount your free sign, order sign posts or sign holders. A Dog Poop Sign is an investment ensuring commitment to a poop-free property.Reed says that the brief was simply to design some new anti dog-poop signs for the lawns. “The most obvious thing you can do is an icon of a dog taking a dump with a big red circle and a line through it, but that’s boring and expected,” Reed says, “so we just tried to think creatively, to add some character to it and be a little more forward-thinking.”A subspecies of the “don’t poop” sign family, this plea to stop dogs jumping against a window with a presumably sleeping cat in it is a prime case of killing them with kindness.She and four friends, who asked to remain anonymous, “were really agitated” by the increasing piles of dog poop left on local sidewalks. The signs are just step 1 in their plan to wipe the party poopers off the street.We carry a large variety of Pet Waste signs to fit your public and private property needs. Post Dog Poop yard signs on lawns to remind dog owners to clean up after their dog.