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Dog playpens serve different purpose to dog crates and similar to that of pet gates. Playpens for dogs can be a great alternative for pet containment and your pooch will still has some freedom to run around, play with his dog toys and not feel too constrained. More importantly, you can always have a playpen somewhere in the house or the backyard and your canines will feel calm and happy to see you around all the time.

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Most portable dog kennels have a removable top, so you can have a more open space when indoors, or even outdoors if your dog can keep within the playpen. Apart from allowing you to play with the dogs or pups, the open top also lets you clean around inside more thoroughly, and in case you have a nursing mother, it allows her to enter and exit the playpen without disturbing the litter.

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Top 5 Best Portable Dog Playpen Reviews 2016 - Best Dog Crates and Beds The final factor which you would consider, as have we, in the hunt for the best pet folding play pen, is whether your portable dog playpen of choice is priced economically or not. Most of the best pet folding play pens are priced quite competitively, and so, the best way to determine if the price is right is to weigh it against the features and quality offered. We’ve considered these factors in our reviews of the top portable dog play pens here.

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The advantages that portable dog kennels hold over regular crates and playpens are clear – their lighter weight and portability, often combined with some of the extra features some of the brands provide, allow them to be used for a wider variety of purposes compared to regular crates and pens.

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Cool Runners 60 by 60 by 30-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Portable Soft Side Pet Play Pen/Kennel for Dogs or Cats, Large * Startling review available here : Crates, Houses and Pens for dogsMany pet-owners tend to stick to a singular kennel, or crate, and generally don’t bother with keeping an alternative portable dog kennel, or one for their cat, as the case may be. However, it’s surprising what a difference portable dog pens for outside, make to owners’ and their pets’ lives. Portable dog playpens are, as the name suggests – portable.Portable dog pens work great for little dogs, but large breeds may find them constraining, or very easy to jump out of. Once inside, your dog can snooze or play in comfort and safety. Many of these portable dog playpens are made for both indoor or outdoor use.Now, even if you’re convinced that you’d do well to buy a portable dog play pen, zeroing in on the best pet play pen could be a little tricky, what with the variety of products out there. We’ve saved you on most of the effort involved by shortlisting some of the newest, proven, and best pet folding play pens in the market. Read on to find out more about portable pet play pens in general, how to best use one, and the lowdown on some of the better ones available.