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Most found this portable dog water bottle more than adequate for their needs. And, more importantly, it kept their pets from getting into a life threatening severe dehydration situation. After doing my research on portable dog water bottles, I can’t recommend the AutoDogMug enough. It’s not a terribly expensive item and it could save your dog’s life – not to mention making your pet happier when out walking on a hot summer trek.There are some other portable dog water bottle designs I’ve included in the links and price comparisons below. The only design and quality that comes close to being acceptable are the Gulpy Water Dispenser designs. In my opinion, that design isn’t as dog friendly and I rate them a bit below the AutoDogMug in user friendliness. However, they do offer a half size, 10 ounce version for small dogs or short walks.

A review of the Gulpy pet water dispenser. A portable water bowl for dogs.

Finally a dog food and water dispenser that makes sense. A portable dispenser that is ready when your dog is ready for a meal or a drink of clean fresh water. Use it inside your home or on the patio. Whether you are traveling with your dogs in the SUV or a hunter in the field this is the all-in-one portable dog food and water dispenser you've been waiting for.Â

Handi-Drink Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser.

Menpet Portable Pet Water Dispenser Foldable Travel Drinking Feeder Dog Water Bottle Bowl Fixture Displays Set of 6 Portable Pet Water Bottle Bowl Dispenser Travel Feeder Dog Cat Drinking Fountain 12228 - Make those sweltering summer days easier for both you and your pet with the portable water bottle dispenser it’s very easy and fun to use just fill it up with a maximum of 10 ounces of water your pet will be as happy as ever when they look at you squeezing the bottle and filling the tray with refreshment product highlights color is random built in water holder light weight foldable with dispenser water bottle includes dispenser water bottle lanyard specifications measures 8″long. Build in water holder,water bottle, foldable with dispenser, color is random, this listing is for 6 pieces of product. Water feeder is easy-to-use, handheld design includes a plastic water bottle,dispenser tray/cover. Light weight, portable plastic dog water feeder,measures 8″ long shipping to canada and mexico import duty and fees apply. After your pet finishes replenishing, just fold the bottle back into the tray includes a lanyard so you can have it in your palm at the right moment.

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Universal Blue Plastic Portable PET Water Bottle Dispenser (8.45oz) - Size 807″ x 224″ x 213″. You fill the bottle then tilt it & squeeze to fill the tray so they can drink. Easy-to-use, bottle folds into the tray for easy portability. Great for a dog or cat, taking along while traveling, hiking, camping etc. Rubber flow-control valve in the cap prevents leaks, spills, and backwash contamination.

Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser - BPA Free