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Browse our chew proof dog beds and discover a virtually indestructible bed for your problem chewer. Shop Orvis today for tough and durable dog beds.

Crib Mattress Dog Bed & DIY Mattress Cover. Such an EASY indoor/outdoor dog bed, waterproof with a washable sheet!

We can not receive or exchange covers which have been used by your dog, or mattresses with punctured vacuum packaging. If the mattress has been removed from the vacuum packaging we will not exchange that item. Please note any chew proof bed warranty claims should be sent to and NOT

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4775 items - Microfiber DogProof Coverlet - Best Dog-proof bedding Ever Introducing our lightest waterproof, dog-proof bedding protector ever. Constructed with two layers of fleece (one backed with a durable coating), this coverlet works hard, looks great, and boasts the same drape and weight as your favorite fleece blanket. Reverses to neutral camel color. Imported.

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I purchased the waterproof duvet cover because I have an aging dog that sleeps in the bed with me. The cover works wonders and is totally waterproof. Now when an accident happens I just have to wash the duvet cover and the waterproof cover, not all the bedding. So it's totally worth it. The only down side is that the cover doesn't breath quite as much as I'd hoped so it somewhat changes the experience of sleeping under a down comforter.

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We know a few dogs will chew through just about anything, and we're confident this cover will give even those dogs a run for their money. If your dog keeps ruining his beds, stop wasting time and money on cheap material. Order your Chew Proof Dog Bed Cover today.You can find a variety of chew proof dog bed covers for any size and shape of pet bed your dog may have. These covers are typically constructed of tear resistant and water proofed materials that are also pliable and comfortable for a dog to lay on. Furthermore, you don’t even need to already have a dog bed to provide your pooch with a chew proof cover. Purchase the cover you want and fill it with your own stuffing from old clothes and towels to foam or fiber fill that can be found at your local craft store!A puppy or active dog may find joy in making a toy out of his bed. This means dealing with a destroyed bed, a floor covered in bed fluff, and replacing your best friend’s sleeping spot often. Let’s not forget the potential dangers that lurk in your dog’s bed. That fluff he enjoys tearing out could have toxic flame retardant chemicals or simply cause blockages in your pet’s tummy if he swallows any. All of this can be prevented with the investment of a chew proof dog bed cover!K9 Ballistics doggy beds also have a thick medicinal-grade levels of foam, including supportive high density dog bed foam and the layer of same high density memory foam. It has completely waterproof outer and inner dog bed covers that will prevent any accidents from taking place on the actual foam. Of course it's also water-, dirt-, tears-, odor-, hair-, stains-resistant. Great choice as an affordable, orthopedic, indestructible chew-proof bed for dogs.