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“Orbee-Tuff Mazee is our fresh take on the interactive toy, stimulating puzzle craze,” says Kristen Smith, Planet Dog’s Brand Ambassador. “We are excited to offer dog lovers a clear alternative to other puzzle toys on the market,” adds Smith.

Here are some really cool dog puzzle toys. Take a look and try a few out for your little genius!

From our experience as well as talking with fellow pup parents, we’ve found that certain dog puzzle toys stand out among the rest for their design, quality and ability to keep dogs occupied and challenged.

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But first, before you start adding dog puzzle toys to your shopping cart, some things to consider: I was surprised how well made it was. It's heavy for plastic and has a rubber ring on the bottom so it doesn't move around our wood floor when she uses it. Babykin loves this toy and I thought maybe some other poodles here would love a puzzle toy. I do supervise her when she uses it. It would work well for a dog that gobbles their kibble too quickly.

My dog is very food motivated and LOVES puzzle toys

At Pet Expertise, we believe that all dogs benefit from working for a living! An excellent way to teach your dog to play with his toys - instead of your things - is to offer him toys that make play rewarding. Put your dog's daily food or treats in one of our treat-dispensing puzzle toys, and let him go to work. He will be using up energy usually reserved for naughtiness and will be a happier dog for it! Always supervise your dog with new toys to make sure that he cannot break them and potentially choke.

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With this in mind, we’ve set out to find a good selection of puzzle toys for your dog, all of which provide excellent quality and good value for money.Obsessive tail chasing, destructive chewing, destructive dipping, escaping, endless barking – these are just a few of the symptoms you will observe in a dog that lose their mind due to the restrictions mentioned above. And while exercising your dog may be a solution to making him behave, it will only result in a fit bored dog. This is where puzzle toys come in. We’d love to learn from YOU!
How do you keep your dog from getting bored on the cheap?
What benefits do you see in your dog when they’re asked to work for their food?
When’s your favorite time of the day to use a puzzle toy with your dog?
If you’ve ever taken a training class or read an article on dog behavior, you’ve probably heard about the importance of work-for-food toys, otherwise known as puzzle toys. Excellent for dogs of all ages, toys that require dogs to work through puzzles to get their food provide both mental and physical stimulation, which are critical for a dog’s emotional health.