Adjustable Circular Boundaries Perfect for Small Yards

Hyde sounds like she is going to be more than a big dog. If the amount of land you wish for Hyde to roam is 10 acres or less I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence (PIG00-10777). If you need to cover more than 10 acres the SportDog system(SDF-100A) would be your best bet because it can cover up to 100 acres. The Stubborn collar and the Sportdog collar both are equipped with a regular 9V battery; you can make it rechargeable by getting a 9V rechargeable battery and charger. (Around $20 at Radio Shack)

Wireless Dog Fences create a circular boundary around a central base station using radio waves

The first commercial underground fencing system to contain house pets within a predetermined area was patented by Richard Peck, owner of Invisible Fence Company in 1974. Peck’s underground fence was also the first borderless containment system used to contain livestock. In 1987 Peck successfully contained domestic goats to a limited area using receiving collars intended for household dogs. Invisible Fence, Inc. is currently owned by Radio Systems Corporation.

The wireless transmitter sends a circular signal around your yard

Review of the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Radio Wireless Fence. Very thorough and covers every little detail. I posted this because my back is a shambles. I have no discs at L3-S1. I have, however, dug up the dog wire (Radio systems RFA-1) that was not producing signal to the collar because it ran parallel, next to the newly laid Cable wire.(my hypothosis). I also have a power line buried under the same spot I ran the dog fence & cable (variable). I moved the dog wire 3 feet away from the cable & the collar works. Even where the dog wire is not over the power line & is next to the cable line, the collar did not work (I forget what this is called in scientific terms, but the light bulb went off over my head. I saw it!). Cable Kills the Dog Wire! Problem solved, please let everyone know because this has been both a very frustrating ordeal, & a painful one.

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This is for a PetSafe system. Because of space constraints, I have 60 feet of fence wire running parallel to and six feet away from a TV cable. The part of the TV cable is now acting like the dog fence. Moving the TV cable is an option, but A LOT of work. The problematic portion of the cable runs under an exterior doorway. No problems inside the house. To eliminate the problem, can I either (1) ground the TV cable’s shield prior to the doorway, or (2) add a ferrite choke (available at radio shack) to the TV cable, prior to the doorway?

PetSafe® Stay & Play Wireless Fence Receiver Dog Collar

Today we're looking at the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence. This is one of the few wireless fences on the market today. It is radio signal based. What that means is unlike a wired fence, you don't actually have to bury anything in your yard. You have this system right here which you put inside your house, and it sends out a radio signal that allows the dog to go up to 90 feet away from the transmitter.More details… Neighbors do not have a dog fence. We’re not running an AM transistor radio at the time of triggering (although unsure of the neighbors). Triggering seems to be fairly reliable around the DirecTV wire at two sides of our house. Again, this happens when the Dog Fence is turned off and unplugged.