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Hi Paula- just came across this post and your comments. I am a veterinarian and I routinely recommend many dietary options for my patients, including raw diets. The problem is that veterinary schools do not provide much education on raw diets or alternatives, so it takes a lot of individual research and education in order to be able to provide good quality advice to our clients. I wanted to reply to your comment to correct your statement that dog food companies pay for veterinary educations. That is completely false and there are absolutely no contracts between pet food companies and veterinarians for endorsements based on payment for schooling.

Are raw food diets for dogs an ideal meal plan or a dangerous fad? Experts weigh in.

People who feed dogs commercial raw food diets should be aware that the products are often contaminated with salmonellae () and that dogs consuming them have a high probability of shedding the organism. The shedding rate (44%) in this study was higher than that (30%) observed by Joffe and Schlesinger () in dogs fed homemade raw food diets. This difference may have been due to the differences in length of time that dogs were exposed to raw food diets in the 2 studies. The difference may also have resulted if the total load of salmonellae present in the commercial diets was greater than that in the homemade diets. Determining this would have required a quantitative measure of salmonellae organisms in the 2 types of diet, which was not done in either study. However, one might expect the microbial load to be lower in the commercial diets, since they are frozen, a process that should kill some of the salmonellae (). Finally, the difference may simply have been a sample size artefact. Sample sizes in both trials were relatively small, and in this study, the 95% confidence interval for the shedding rate (21%–69%) included the 30% found by Joffe and Schlesinger.

Racing greyhounds and sled dogs have long eaten raw food diets

Potential benefits of the raw dog food diet that supporters tout include: Are you one of those types who gets so scared whenever there is a pet food recall? Then the raw dog food diet is your friend, especially that you’ll be able to eliminate the primary culprit of pet food recalls and contamination – grain!

Considering A Raw Dog Food Diet For Your Pet

Thankfully, you’re reading this article and you’re most likely thinking of starting your pet on the raw dog food diet. Even with all the time you will have to spend on getting things ready for your dog, it’s well worth it. What about us? Would we spend some extra time at the grocery store shopping for your dog’s raw menu for overall peace of mind? You bet we would, and we hope you consider doing it too.

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