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Grippers are non-slip dog socks that provide dogs with the traction they need to navigate any hard surface. Unlike dog shoes and boots, Grippers are comfortable enough to be warn all day. The soft rubber coating surrounds the entire sock, meaning that even if they become twisted they will still be functional.

Keep your pups feet protected and clean with the FouFou Rubber Dipped Dog Socks in Red!

Keep your pups feet protected and clean with the FouFou Rubber Dipped Dog Socks in Red!Why We Love It:The rubber dipped socks, with an anti-slip silicone sole, are the perfect solution to keep paws dry, clean, and warm! The stretchy sock design makes it easy to put on, and the hook and loop allows you to wrap the sock securely so they don’t fall off. Detach the strap for quick walks or use around the house! The innovative rubber dip protects paws from outdoor elements such as water, snow, dirt, salt, and hot pavement. Matching hoodie sold separately.Sizing Information:X-Small: Paw Length 1.4" (3.5cm) Paw Width 1.1" (2.8cm)
Small: Paw Length 1.5" (3.9cm) Paw Width 1.3" (3.2cm)
Medium: Paw Length 1.8" (4.5cm) Paw Width 1.5" (3.7cm)
Large: Paw Length 2" (5.2cm) Paw Width 1.7" (4.3cm)
X-Large: Paw Length 2.4" (6cm) Paw Width 2" (5cm)
XX-Large: Paw Length 3" (7.5cm) Paw Width 2.5" (6.5cm)

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Keep your pups feet protected and clean with the FouFou Rubber Dipped Dog Socks in Black! The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that compulsive behavior isn’t something that just goes away. It requires special training to restrain this possibly dangerous activity. As in the case of my black lab, Pica can be a serious problem; items like rubber bands, socks, pinecones and twine can severely damage or block a dog’s intestines.

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The soft rubber coating creates a waterproof barrier so these dog socks can also be worn outdoors. No more having to take the traction socks on and off each time your dog goes outside.

Find Rubber-bottomed Knit Dog Socks | Drs. Foster & Smith

Does your dog slip and slide on your hardwood or tile floors? Help protect your sweet pooch from potential injury with these Paw-Pads non-slip traction pads. Veterinarian recommended Paw-Pads provide much needed traction for dogs on slippery floors such as hardwood, tile, marble and other slick surfaces. Unlike doggie boots, shoes and rubber socks, your dog won’t even know she has anything on her feet.Set of 4 Grippers Traction Dog Socks - Have hardwood or tile floors? You may enjoy the smooth, shiny surface, but your dog may not. These non-slip socks for dogs provide the traction your dog needs. The comfortable, innovative design features a waterproof, soft rubber grip that surrounds the entire paw for stable footing, even if the sock twists. These stay-on dog socks prevent slipping on indoor surfaces and can also be left on outdoors.