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I think every dog, but especially a deaf dog, should be wearing a collar and a harness when outdoors. Tags ALWAYS go on the collar, never a harness. I recommend a harness because dogs can, and will, pull out of a collar. Though a proper fitting harness is definitely more secure, it is also more comfortable for your dog. It displaces pressure away from the neck and trachea and onto the body. I personally use the from PetSafe, and I'm partial to the for extra-safety.

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Research supports electric stimulation as a humane training aid: one study on bark control collars found there were absolutely no lingering psychological effects on dogs.2 When used properly, electric stimulation produces fast and reliable learning, without causing physical or emotional trauma to your pet.1 That is why many respected vets and trainers support static correction as a trustworthy, effective training tool. Now you can safely give your pets the guidance they need to be the best-behaved pets they can be!

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Our reflective dog collar will safeguard your pet's life, every animal deserves the right to be seen and In-Sight™. Being involved in collar safety and breakaway technology for over 10 years, I have developed a personal theory based on statistics – if six people are randomly chatting about dogs – at least one of them will have a close call with a collar accident or know someone who has. Have you had an experience concerning the safety of your dog’s collar?

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To be effective, the head collar must be properly fitted. And to be safe, make sure not to yank your dog's leash while they are wearing a head halter. Some manufacturers include instructions and a DVD with the collar. Otherwise, ask your dog trainer or a knowledgeable sales clerk for assistance with fitting. Proper fit and use should minimize the risk of injury to your dog.

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Learn the best ways to use a safety collarfor dogs. Traditional collars and choke collars cause many injuriesevery year. These collars can become embedded in the skin if the petowner puts them on too tightly. Chain choke collars pull too tightly,causing strangulation and tracheal damage.Breakaway and stretch collars fit aroundthe dog's neck. If your dog is difficult to manage when you're on awalk, avoid these breakaway collars. This form of safety collar isdesigned to snap apart when the collar is pulled. Your dog will end upgetting away from you.Safety collars are designed to reducethe number of caused to dogs that become stuck on treebranches, fences or simply are wearing too tight a collar.If you are looking for a new collar for your adventurous dog, a safety collar might be right for you. When dogs are playing in a yard or out in the open, they can get stuck on objects such as a branch or a fence. A safety collar allows your pet to free themselves from that object. Learn more in this great video: