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They ride in the back passenger section; never in the front seat or bed of the truck. Keeping them safe has always been a concern of mine, and I’ve tried a number of different techniques, from travel crates to harnesses with hook ups that utilize the seat belts. However, in the last several years there have been several accidents affecting people and dogs in the performance sport world that have caused me to take another look at how my dogs travel. In each situation, the dogs were in a car when an accident occurred and the dogs were either killed in the car from the crash, or were ejected from the car and killed, or ejected and the dogs ran away.

Taking your dog for a car ride? Here's how to keep her as safe as possible.

Pet carriers the familiar secure containers for taking cats or small dogs to the vet clinic. The idea is that the pet is safely confined in a box that can be picked up and carried, but it can also be strapped inside the car using the vehicle's seat belt. Pet carriers work well for cats and small dogs weighing less than 15 pounds, and give nervous animals the safety of a den-like area to hide in. The relatively small size of the pet vs. the rigidity of the container keeps the pet safely confined in the event of a crash.

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Other vehicles that deserve to be mentioned as having dog car safety features are: Dog booster seat is another great way to restrain your dog; car seats aren't just for humans anymore. Companies today are making comfy doggy car seats in order to keep your pet safely seated and restrained. They’re mainly used for small dogs that, like babies and toddlers, can fit easily.

Dog Friendly Road Trip: Is Your Dog Safe Riding in the Car?

Crating is certainly one of the best methods to ensure safety of your dog in a car. If you have a small or medium dog, you can probably fit a crate right in the backseat. Many pet owners choose this option by default and they are not wrong. On top of keeping your Fido safe, you can also have his home wherever you go.

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"Cars are developed for people; they aren't developed for dogs," said Lindsey Wolko, chairwoman of the Center for Pet Safety in Reston, Va. "We have to get to the point we can have solutions that work for both. Dogs are the No. 1 traveling companion, and they have little protection in the marketplace."Johnson Controls, which is based in Milwaukee and is spinning off its automotive seating and interiors business in the fall as its own company, said it aims to spend at least a year studying dogs and coming up with designs and standards that could help make vehicles safer for pets, especially as more self-driving technology is integrated into cars.