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Yup, yup, yup! All I need is love! L-O-V-E!! Throw the ball! Here, here! Yeah, that's the way! Oooh, that's loooove! Scratch my belly! Thank you, thank you, I love when you show me love! Feed me treats! Oh yeah--love, love! I'm a dog, and I love love. And you are human and you are wearing the Dog is Love T-Shirt from The Mountain and that means that you love love, too. Love, love, love!! We love our dog tee and we love you!

Hi Mimi, I just made a dog shirt using your pattern and it worked! Thank you so much 🙂

A dog polo shirt will be a great addition to your dog's closet because of it versatility. It can be dressed up and worn for a formal event or paired with a pair of and used for a casual event or around the home. They come in multiple colors and sizes to fit all dogs.

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I use a ThunderShirt on my own dog... I LOVE THEM!! I recommend ThunderShirt to many clients. Lay the shirt on a flat surface protected from marker bleeding. Remember that the top of the dog shirt was originally the bottom of the human shirt, and ...

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For this project, the only things you need are two gently used t-shirts that smell like you and a pair of scissors. Dogs who love rolling around in your laundry will love this toy even more.

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If my dog can't go I'm not coming (V-Neck), dog shirt, dog mom shirt, animal lover, dog lover, dogs, funny dog shirt, fur mama, my kids have paws, i love my dog, fur mom shirtHello everybody! How are you? I hope you are fine. We are very happy because after many days working we can finally share with you these dog shirt patterns that I wanted to do a long time ago, and many times you have asked me.And don’t forget that we offer more than just super-soft cotton tees! Our funny designs are also available on aprons, shower curtains, mugs and more. So, whether it’s a t-shirt or a hoodie or a tote bag or duvet cover, you’ll win with a gift from CrazyDog.This DIY is so cheap (less than $5) and easy, you can fashion as many tees as you'd like for your furry friend. Soon enough, he/she will have more shirts than you do! If your dog is 15 pounds or less, get a newborn-sized onesie. If they are 15 and above, use a 3 months size.OK, here is a testimonial you’ll love. I rescued a badly abused Louisiana Catahoula mix a few years ago; sadly she was likely tortured by dog fighters: the skin along the length of her spinal column was intentionally and completely peeled off (due to boiling grease or acid, my vet speculates). She will never have hair on her back again, and her skin is very sensitive to sunburn, cuts, abrasions, etc. I have searched for 3 years to no avail in an effort to find a well-made, snug-fitting shirt that doesn’t also choke her or cause further irritation (she is a muscular, big neck and chested 65 pounder). At a local mom n’ pop pet store I FINALLY discovered your amazing fleece shirts, but still needed something lighter for our mega-hot Alabama summers. I am happy to report that your Sun Shield Tees are PERFECT! Thank you so much for making the best summer shirt that Kali could ever hope for. Since she has exposed pink skin along her back, the UPF 50+ protection is a Godsend. Please let me know if you decide to (heaven forbid) discontinue it, as I will raise $ to buy a lifetime inventory for her. Again, THANK YOU!!!!I've d/l the pattern for my toy poodle, but the proper size according to the measurements turned out to small. So, I went to medium-sized, getting ready to sew the collar on and again in the neck area it doesn't seem to fit correctly. I used to make my boy's shirts when they were young pretty similar to this pattern., my first time making dog's clothes. Can't figure out the problem…help, Please?