A dog vs a motion activated sprinkler

Do not allow your dog free, unsupervised access to the sprinklers. This may require purchasing or building a dog run, or providing a way for him to run in the yard for a short period of time -- such as half an hour -- while still somewhat restrained. This could be done with a long tether, such as a length of rope tied to a clothesline for those with no fence. Remember to give your dog access to plenty of drinking water while he is restrained, as well.

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Does your dog anxiously await the sprinkler cycle? Try the by Sukia Pet Toys. This safe and pet-friendly alternative will keep your pet cool and entertained and your lawn will thank you.

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A happy dog and kids jumping and playing in the water spray of a sprinkler! When your dog is wreaking havoc in your yard, specifically in your sprinklers, treat this problem as furniture scratching problems of all pets. Such as cats need scratching posts, your dog might only need a chew toy to play with.

This doggy sprinkler splashes up some summertime fun

Have a splashing good time this summer with the Outward Hound Hydrofetch Dog Toy Sprinkler!Why We Love It:Splash up some summertime fun with the Outward Hound HydroFetch. This fetch toy sprinkler is guaranteed to make your pup's summer so soakin' fun! For unstoppable fun, just add water.Sizing Information:10.5 Length x 10.25 Width x 3.1 Height

The Waterbone Dog Sprinkler by Sukia Pet Toys - Dogtime

I have an 8-month-old puppy that is terrified of the lawn sprinkler. She has run into the electric fence to get away from it, and she's also tinkled on my deck because she's afraid to pass by the sprinkler.I have a dog door and she's been a pleasure to have, being well potty trained and all, with the one exception of the water sprinklers. Also, what makes this even MORE frustrating and confusing is that I've seen her go outside in the rain and potty normally -- getting wet and all.The key to solving this problem is to desensitize your dog to the sprinkler. In other words, take the mystery out of the device and let her get more familiar with it. This might take a while to accomplish, but it can be done.Dear Chris: A phobia doesn't have to make perfect sense. Your puppy could be afraid of the noise the sprinkler makes, the rapid motion or the sound of the water hitting trees or the side of your house. Whatever the reason for your dog's apprehension, the method of solving the problem is pretty much the same.Next, try putting the sprinkler outside and turning it on at a low level. Bring your dog nearby and stay there with him until he settles down. Keep trying this over the course of several weeks, each time turning the water power up a little more. If it looks like your dog is getting really upset, turn the water down until he's calm again.