X Power Professional Dog Grooming Stand Dryer

Purchasing grooming equipment as you begin your career requires research, as well as an understanding of how different items work. Use the suggestions above as a guide when purchasing the best dog dryer for your grooming business!

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2. Stand dryer: Also known as a “fluff dryer”, stand dryers are attached to an accompanying stand. They allow you the freedom to brush and maneuver the dog while drying. Some dogs have hair that needs to be brushed as it’s dried in order to prevent tangles and achieve the correct style, and the stand dryer is the only type of unit that allows groomers to comb, brush, and style the dog as they dry.
Due to the fact that stand dryers are much quieter than high and low pressure dryers, dogs that are afraid of high-velocity dryers may be more comfortable with a stand dryer.

X-Power Professional Dog Grooming Stand Dryer

1/4 HP, 300 CFM, 12 Amps Professional Dog Grooming Stand Pet Dryer with Heat and Anion Technology In the salon, I use the Chris Christiansen Kool Dry HV dryer to blow out most of the water then put the stand dryer on to "set" the coat. It's much faster, but still get good results. You could acheive a similar look by using an HV then going over the dog with a hand-held to do the "set"

Metro Professional Dog Grooming Stand Dryer

I've used the B-air Bear dryer and it was pretty ok, but just didn't have the UMPH for professional use. The Metro (little orange dryers) did a decent job, but was so LOUD. However, I have a Metro Top Gun stand dryer and while it's loud, I still don't mind using it. The dogs some times get a fright when I initially turn it on, but then settle down after a few seconds.

Master Equipment Professional Dog Grooming Stand Dryer

Busy salons that need to dry several dogs at once use dryers that provide hundreds of cubic feet of airflow. This lets them dry a few dogs in one area, while they go groom another client. Many dryers warm the air around them by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as the air directly in front of them, creating a comfortable environment for damp dogs to sit in. Most dogs don't understand commands like, "Turn around" or "Lift your leg," so rather than hoping for flexible pets, groomers look for dryers with long, bendable hoses.Blah - sorry if this is rediculously boring, but nobody in my real life would even be able to pretend to care about my dog dryer problems. Also, I'd probably never admit how much I think about this kinda stuff to the average person I'm sure some of you malt-moms (and dads) understand though.