What You Need to Know About Cat and Dog Sunscreen This Summer

Never leave your dog out in the sun too long. Dogs can get sunburned, just like people. Use sun cream to prevent sunburn on pink skin. Provide lots of shade for your pet, and always provide plenty of cool, clean water to prevent dehydration. Never leave your pet in a car with windows closed.

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There are several sunscreen products for dogs, many of them claiming to be natural, but most of them contain hazardous products that concern owners looking for a natural . It's especially important to usenatural products on your dog since they will often lick creams applied to their body and may be ingesting some of the chemicals as well. Sunscreens are loaded with chemicals, but a few to watch out for include:

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Keep snouts from getting toasted by the sun with this DIY Snout Sun Cream for Dogs.
The thick, white cream that lifeguards slather on their noses contains zinc oxide, a common ingredient in diaper-rash ointments. Zinc oxide is effective as a sunscreen for humans, but it's toxic for . If ingested, it can damage your dog’s delicate red blood cells, causing them to explode. The resulting anemia can be severe and require a blood transfusion. Bottom line: Never use sunscreens that contain zinc oxide on your .

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If your dog does get a sunburn, there are some natural remedies that heal the burn while relieving some of the pain. Aloe vera is still the top remedy for sunburn relief, best if it comes directly from a broken aloe leaf. Cream can also be used if it's all natural.

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for use in canines may be of various protection factors. The protection factor you choose for your dog should be according to hiscoat length and the color of his coat and skin. Lighter skin colored dogs will require a high protection factor cream and so will short haired dog breeds. If your pet has long hair, but gets a haircut for thesummer, you will need a higher protection factor sunscreen than before.Did your pooch get too much sun on their snout? Does it feel like sandpaper? Poor thing…. This DIY Snout Sun Cream is just what is needed to soothe rough and uncomfortable snouts! My dog, Dexter, loves the outdoors. If he is not hiking, he is swimming, walking, or just basking in sun in the backyard. I wanted to prevent his nose from getting toasted while being in the sun, and help to make him comfortable when he does. Using this special blend of natural ingredients (many of which you probably already have in your home), you will be able to create this amazingly soothing cream in minutes. It also can be used as a moisturizer, and help prevent dry noses in the winter. Let the soothing begin….