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For example, my grandfather served in the US Navy during WWII. I don’t have his dog tags, nor have I ever seen a copy of them. I could order a replacement set to commemorate his service, but there would be no need for me to have his military serial number, his blood type, or similar information. Having a set of replacement dog tags with the following information would be more meaningful to me than having his Social Security Number and blood type:

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Dog tags weren’t standardized by the US Army until the early 1900’s, when the War Department authorized identification tags in War Department General Order No. 204. It was in WWI that soldiers were first issued two identification tags. The tags included various information, often including the member’s name, rank, serial number, company, regiment, or corps.

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Design & order your own Customized Military Style Dog Tags with the online Dogtag Generator! In order to purchase a kennel tag, present a letter from Fauquier County Zoning Division that determines the kennel is in compliance with County Zoning Ordinances. This letter will indicate the number of dogs permitted on the property – a kennel tag can only be sold for the number of dogs listed. Contact the to obtain a letter stating ordinance compliance.

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The dogtag you post on social media does not have to be the same as the one you actually order! In fact it is not a good idea to post any private information.

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Emotional Support TagsAn emotional support animal (ESA) is a US legal term for a pet which provides therapeutic benefit to its owner through companionship and affection. Emotional support animals are not specially trained to ameliorate disability as psychiatric service dogs are. They require only as much training as an ordinary pet requires in order to live peacefully among humans without being a nuisance or a danger to others. In the U.S., two federal laws grant special rights to some owners of emotional support animals. The Air Carrier Access Act establishes a procedure for modifying pet policies on aircraft to permit a person with a disability (including emotional) and a letter from a physician to travel with a prescribed emotional support animal so long as they have appropriate documentation and the animal is not a danger to others and does not interfere with others (through unwanted attention, barking, inappropriate toileting, etc.). The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 (42 USC 3601, et seq.) establishes a procedure for modifying "no pets" policies in most types of housing to permit a person with a disability to keep a pet for emotional support. The qualified applicant may either make a verbal request, or send a written request of reasonable accommodation to the landlord, in either case with a letter from a physician. If the landlord refuses the request for accommodation, a complaint can be filed with the department of Housing and Urban Development or with the U.S. Department of Justice. In housing that allows pets but charges supplemental rent or deposits for them, these fees must be waived. The ESA's owner can be charged for actual damage done by the animal, but they may not require the applicant to pay a fee or a security deposit in order to keep the animal. Emotional support animals do not have the right to go anywhere other animals are not allowed with the exception of the two examples above. Service Animal TagsThe additional $6.00 dog tag includes one stamped dog tag and one black silencer.
Extra ball chains are not included and are sold separately.
For additional ball chains, see the “Dog Tag Accessories” page after you have finished ordering the dog tags.