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Puzzle toys can be great ways to keep your bored dog busy. My dog loves this type of toy. He enjoys removing the pieces in order to find the treats hidden within. The first time he played he attempted to lift and tip the whole thing to get to the treats. He quickly figured it out though and now it’s our party trick when new people come to visit. This toy is made from durable material and is easy to wash.

If you prefer to make your own simple food puzzle toys for your dog, here are a couple ideas:

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Finding toys to keep your dog occupied while you are away, doing work from home or when your watching your favorite show can be challenging.

Thankfully, many dog toy companies have created various puzzles to help keep your dog busy, while allowing the brain to stay working. Studies prove that low brain stimulus on a daily basis will age your dog faster. You can combat that my a simple brain buster.

In this video, I review Seek-A-Treat, one of the best dog puzzle toys. This dog treat puzzle keeps your dog on the adventurous path to finding their treat. They're easy for the dog, but also keeps them thinking about the best way to get their treat.

If you're interested in dog puzzle games, Seek-A-Treat is definitely something you want to try. It's cheap & effective. What more could you ask for!

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KONG and Other Food Puzzle Toys for Dogs: Usage and Recipes

Here are some really cool dog puzzle toys. Take a look and try a few out for your little genius! We did not explore any of the variations described in the instructions that are intended to make the toys even more challenging, such as placing the round pegs in various slots, thus requiring the dog to remove the peg before sliding other parts and exposing the treats. This would add another dimension of interest when the dog became so adept at the original puzzle that the challenge faded.

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Puzzling conclusions
The Nina Ottosson puzzles are truly a new generation of interactive dog toy – unlike any I have seen before, and well-designed for today’s new generation of positively trained “thinking dog.” Most of the toys provided challenging and fun entertainment for our test dogs and their owners, some of whom left after the party with full intention of acquiring one or two of their favorites for their dogs to play with.

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Obsessive tail chasing, destructive chewing, destructive dipping, escaping, endless barking – these are just a few of the symptoms you will observe in a dog that lose their mind due to the restrictions mentioned above. And while exercising your dog may be a solution to making him behave, it will only result in a fit bored dog. This is where puzzle toys come in. So how can we stimulate our dog’s mind to prevent boredom and promote a happy, health life? Thankfully there are loads of mind stimulating puzzles and toys for dogs including . Many of the toys and puzzles use your dog’s sense of smell in order to find a way to access treats, while others combine a game of fetch with mind stimulation. Let’s take a look at each type including a few of our favorites.