There are a couple major reasons why you would want to upgrade to the Garmin T5. First is the greatly improved satellite reception you’ll enjoy: one of the most significant improvements in the Garmin T5 Dog collar is the top-mounted GPS receiver and antenna, which assure quicker satellite acquisition and more consistent satellite connections when your dogs are in heavy cover or deep canyons. In addition, Garmin has enabled the GLONASS system of satellites for your new GPS tracking collar. With an updated Astro 320 you’ll have 21 more satellites available to help pinpoint your location as well as your dogs.

This is one of the most user friendly dog tracking collars on the market.

The receiver I obtained is the 16 channel module that is used to track Alzheimer patients and is comparable in price to the ten channel model. The collar is very lightweight and even my smallest dog, Casey, who weighs 18.5 lbs., has no trouble handling the weight. The range of the 3850 is claimed to be three miles.

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When you order the  dog GPS tracking collar you will receive a package including: Garmin Astro 320 and T 5 Dog Tracking System Collar and Control Bundle sold separately and can be found through item search for item number 2138229

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There are also two ways how a dog GPS tracker may function: GSM-based (cellular) GPS trackers and Radio-based trackers. Both of these options are very popular, but they're normally used for different reasons. Cellular GPS trackers for dogs are often used with subscription-based technology, and radio GPS trackers for dogs are most common for independent GPS collars for dogs that function on their own.

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Most folks only need one, but if you like to be able to track all your friends dogs, you may want to look at the Maxima 5000/25. It will track all collars on the 216 - 220 bands, no matter the manufacturer or brand of the collar. All you have to know is the band and frequency and you can start tracking.With the TEK 2.0 Series, SportDOG Brand® introduces the most accurate and reliable GPS Tracking/E-Collar Training collar to hit the sporting dog market. Train and track up to 21 dogs from up to 10 miles away.With the TEK Series, SportDOG Brand® introduces the first combination GPS Tracking/E-Collar Training collar to hit the sporting dog market. Train and track up to 12 dogs from up to 7 miles away.One problem with a radio tracking collar is that it never tells you exact distance, so you have to do some guess work and test your system. Tracking collars give very limited information on distance. With a tracking collar it's more about direction than distance. You can estimate the distance based on the amount of gain (signal strength) that is required to get the signal from the tracking collar, but this can change based on the terrain that is between you and the dog.