Top 15 Best Dog GPS Collars and GPS Trackers for Dogs in 2017

This smart collar will keep you up to date with what your pet is doing throughout the day using GPS, Bluetooth and an activity tracker. Suitable for both cats and dogs, the gadget comes fitted to a collar but can also be mounted on your own collar or harness using the supplied attachment. Various factors, such as temperature, can be monitored using the dedicated app and you can even add multiple pets.

GPS tracking collars are a newer solution in the dog-tracking industry, and they  .

Marco Polo's best dog GPS collar is a bridge between smartphone-based pet GPS tracking devices and true, premium, high-quality professional pet GPS systems for dogs or other animals, like the one below.

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When you order the  dog GPS tracking collar you will receive a package including: Subscription fees. When it comes to dog GPS collars, these can be broken down into two big categories – smartphone-based and independent trackers. Smartphone-based dog GPS trackers will send feed data directly to your phone and will obviously be completely dependent on your phone and some of its features.

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Accuracy is obviously another important part of a best dog GPS collar. You need to be certain that your dog will be exactly where the tracking device is pointing you to. And even though these days most GPS tracking devices are accurate enough, some will still be more precise than others.

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The Garmin Astro Dog GPS system shows you exactly where your dog is. The Astro has the same range limitations that tracking collars have because radio signals will only go so far. As long as you can pick up the signal, you know the exact distance between you and your dog and what he is doing (pointing or running).With the TEK 2.0 Series, SportDOG Brand® introduces the most accurate and reliable GPS Tracking/E-Collar Training collar to hit the sporting dog market. Train and track up to 21 dogs from up to 10 miles away.With the TEK Series, SportDOG Brand® introduces the first combination GPS Tracking/E-Collar Training collar to hit the sporting dog market. Train and track up to 12 dogs from up to 7 miles away.The Astro offers a variety of GPS collars intended for hunting dogs. They combine GPS
with portable invisible boundaries, training features, and capability for tracking up to 10 dogs. This setup is designed for Bird Hunting Dogs. Not so much for the Urban Pets.