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Looking for an easy way to train your dog? Whether your dog is a puppy, new to you, or just ready for some new tricks, you will find some helpful tips here in the Bil-Jac Dog Training Tips videos. The series starts with "Building the Bond," to be sure you both get off on the right foot, er, paw!

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The following tips are intended to provide general information on taking possession of your newly adopted dog. This is not an exhaustive guide for the training, health and wellness of your dog. You are encouraged to become as well informed as possible in order to provide a loving and safe home for your dog. In addition to the tips provided here, you are encouraged to communicate with your veterinarian and certified trainers in your locale.

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Check out these puppy training tips on how to get your dog to stop biting and nipping. is a terrific, science-based way to communicate with your pet. It's easier to learn than standard command-based training. You can train any kind of animal, of any age. Puppies love it. Old dogs learn new tricks. You can clicker-train cats, birds, and other pets as well. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

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Putting yourself in the right frame of mind and understanding that you'll help your dog by being patient are your first steps. Then, by following expert house-training tips, you can make the process of instilling dog obedience in your pet go a lot more smoothly.

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Pet owners, while watching their dogs play, sometimes pass along dog training tips toone another. Many delight in sharing stories (even horror stories) of the trialsand tribulations of teaching their dogs basic obedience and manners. While it'sfun to share a laugh, professional trainers can be a great source of,tips that can be sucessfully used with most dogs.January is National Train Your Dog Month. We asked , in an interview, if she had any tips for people trying to train their dogs. Here's what she had to say:
You'll find lots of articles, tips and training advice, as well as my reviews of various popular dog training techniques including - , , and .The information will only be used to send you more helpful training tips, and relevant promotions, and from time to time, promotions from other relevant dog product manufacturers that have products I think might interest you and help you with your dog’s obedience issues. Here is my complete If you do not want free tips, and already trust me enough to guide you on the journey of training a more obedient dog, then you can learn more about my training program here:Is it possible to train an old dog new tricks? Yes! Adult dogs are often easier to train than young puppies because they have more self-control. The following tips will help you train your adult dog.