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The only real solution is to either 1) keep laundry out of reach unless you are there, or 2) keep her in a confined area in the house when you are doing laundry. Dogs are not vindictive, they do what feels good (like us), and because they have a stronger sense of smell than us they often go for what smells good (e.g., underwear).

Some dogs are just more sensitive or unsure about novel situations like wearing underwear.

But what’s up with dogs and underwear? My Magical-Dawg loves socks. Not clean ones, he wants those my husband has worn all day, and hordes and stockpiles them so I must go on a sock-hunt each laundry day. The underwear love affair (hey that rhymes! could be a future lyric, hmnnnn) has to do with smells as well.

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4 rubber bands, a band aid, 8 pairs of underwear, 62 hairbands — all found in 1 dog's stomach. Over at , most of our content consists of hot models in the latest fashions and trends in underwear. So every now and then it's refreshing to come across some underwear related news that breaks the mold. And dogs in underwear is our latest guilty pleasure.

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Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you but I can tell you that my sister's dog does the same thing! He will weed through her laundry and ONLY take out her underwear and eat them!! If you put other people's underwear in with her's he still only eats hers! I know socks and underwear are articles of clothing we wear that really hold our scent so that may be why. I like to think it just means he really really really loves my sister. The only way to stop him from eating the underwear is to get a hamper with a top he can't open.

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DIY Dog Diaper: For females in heat! | Use a pair of women's underwear and attach a maxi pad inside. Depending if your dog has a docked tail or not, you can cut a hole for the tail. Use safety pins or rubber bands to tighten the underwear if they are too big for your dog. Works like a charm and eliminates having to buy diapers!It's easier to dog-proof your home than it is to stop the panty raiding behavior. Simply get a tall (not short) hamper with a lid, put your dirty underwear in it. If you forget and leave your underwear loose in the laundry basket or tossed on the floor, your dog will sniff it out and will likely eat it. Dogs know and are drawn to your smell, and chewing the underwear brings out your smell even more.It's frustrating when you've worn your brand-new panties one time, only to have Chomper chew out the crotch. Don't worry; your dog is not some kind of freak. It's common for some dogs to eat underwear. The website petMD reports that underwear is the second most popular non-food item dogs eat after socks. These items of clothing carry your scent, and your faithful pal finds this scent comforting. Regardless of the reason behind the thievery, this behavior, while costly for you, may not be good for your dog either should he ingest the fabric. You won't need to go "commando" once you learn some methods to save your dirty drawers from Doggie!Lesypet Pet Dog Diapers Underwear Dog Physiological Panty Female -- You can find out more details at the link of the image. (This is an affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)