Nov 29, 2016 - Is dog pee is killing your lawn

We know of not "urine resistant" grass. A vigorous, quick to mend itself, grass is the best. Usually tall fescue (for sun or part shade) is best, with a small percentage of Kentucky bluegrass.

No, there are no neutralizers that we know of. Most dog urine does not produce spots. Either a specific dog has caustic urine or a dog has an upset digestive tract (temporary) to produce dead spots. Unless you are positive this is caused by dogs, you also may be seeing brown spots from fungal disease. That is a problem for your lawn service company.

When you do have a burned spot, the best approach is to run a hose on the spots and dilute the urine--which will happen naturally from rainfall anyway.


This does not play with the ph levels of the dogs urine like Grasssaver does and has no chemicals

The best solution I have found is that I now try to walk my dogs for the first walk in the morning (When Nitrogen and salt levels in the urine are at the highest)
Then when they do pee in the yard I have a bucket of water sitting next too their favorite spot and I flood the area (Diluting the Nitrogen and using the benefits of the urine to fertilize and not burn)
Also quarterly I use a broadcaster to distribute about 15Lbs of sugar per 1000sq ft
This helps the beneficial micro organisms populate the soil and they in turn break down quickly urine and poop as well as grass clipping and matter
IÂm not a Organic Gardner if they sold a chemical that did it better I would buy it
But they donÂt Â.Just cheap crap sugar (I was thinking of buying 10 tons of it, putting a fancy label on it and calling it something else) then people would try it
It just seems too simple too be true but if Ortho sold it in a red box Home depot couldnÂt restock it fast enoughÂ.

Why does dog urine make grass turn brown or yellow

How to reduce damage from dog traffic and urine spotting in lawn grass. The effects of animals on new and existing lawns. Suggested dog resistant lawn grass. Because dogs are carnivores and eat a high level of protein in their diet, they break the protein down and excrete it as nitrogen in the urine. The result is a killing of the grass from an overload of nitrogen. You will get the same kind of burn if you put a concentrated handful of fertilizer in one spot. These urine burns will often have a characteristic green ring around the outside edge where the urine was dilute enough to actually work as a fertilizer. This characteristic ring can also help distinguish urine burns from a grub infestation that will also create similarly looking brown spots.

Dog Urine Damage on Lawns - Colorado State University Extension

The more water your dog drinks, the more diluted his urine will be, and the less resulting damage will be done to your grass. One way to get extra water into your dog is through canned dog food, which has more liquid than dry food. You also can use a high quality dog food that doesn't exceed your breed's recommended daily allowance for protein content, which will cut down on the nitrogen in his urine.

Dog Urine Damage on Lawns: Causes, Cures and Prevention