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If your dog is pulling or not listening to you while you’re walking together, please do not use leash corrections (e.g., jerk or popping the leash, forcefully pulling the dog in the other direction) and avoid using pinch or prong collars or chain collars (aka “choke chains”). These methods can physically harm your dog, can make pulling on the leash worse and can even exacerbate behavioral issues, such as lunging at another dog while on leash. Walking should be a fun experience for your dog. Leash corrections and punitive collars can make it scary and unpleasant instead.

This type of collar is great for dogs that do not pull on leash while walking

He's also deathly afraid of fireworks, as are many dogs. No amount of training, positive reinforcements or thundershirts is going to change this fact... Sure, I avoid walking him around times when people are known to blow things up--but living in the city, the stray firework can go off days later (or earlier), and despite his advanced years he can here them from about 30 blocks away. If he were walking on a leash, I guarantee he'd be doing some serious damage in an effort to pull me home (I know, because on one occasion this did happen without a prong collar. It wasn't pretty.

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Feb 23, 2016 - We're reviewing the best dog collars for pulling to help you control your tough canine and make walks fun again! Read now! Prong and chose collars are not advised by the Americans Veterinarian Association. It's all in the training by vocal cues and teaching your dog to walk on a leash. When the dog pulls one turns the opposite direction have the dog heel and move the other direction as the dog walks along side you one gives a treat I never used physical force walking my dog and he learned by getting rewarded for walking along side Me.

A better walk: Training dogs not to lunge, growl, and pull on a leash

I am using half check collar though I train my dog with positive training methods. The reason why I chose half check collar is that as a puppy my samoyed learned how to escape from normal collars, I just could not get it tight enough and I could not prevent the escape. She escaped usually when she did not want to come inside and she ran away. I tried and tried to teach her (in vain) how to behave on a leash (not to escape). Every time I went outside I started to be scared if she escaped from the collar and I could not train her because I was constantly unsure whether she can escape or not. Her life is my responsibility but how can I train her if I'm afraid all the time that she will be hit By a car. First thing was that I had to make sure that whenever she is on a leash she cannot escape. Every normal collar was not an option since she had learned how to free herself of them. The shape of her head and her thick fur made it possible. Once she almost was hit by a car and that was when I decided thatI have to find a collar which I can tighten up when she tries to escape. So I bought a half check collar (as it is called in Finland) . I bought a size which could not harm my dog when it is as tight as it can be. When it tightens it does not choke her instead it just makes the collar little bit smaller but not too small; I can still get my fingers under the collar when it is as tight as it can be. First few times she tried so hard to get herself out of the collar. That was the point when I was able for the first time to change the behaviour and it worked! Ever since I have been able to train her to that point where nowadays she can run free and she comes back when I ask her to. She walks beside me, she walks free, she does not run away. I don't care if people think that I am a bad person because I use half check collar. I think it means more why you use it, to solve what, to help what problem. Well, a professional trainer would have solved my problem maybe without a half check collar but I am not a professional trainer. I would not use choke collars to stop pulling, I would never use pinch or prong collars or shock collars. I don't feel bad that I'm using it (half check collar), I feel that I'm using it right. I could never use bare chain choke collar, that was also why I chose broad leather collar with that little tightening part. Am I bad person? I don't care if someone thinks that. But look at the picture of Nenya, my dog. Does she look like suffering?

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