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One of the volunteers, , responded to those opposed with, “I’m trying to keep you and your dog from getting horrible viruses and keeping it from contaminating the waterway.” Forster Blouin further explains that “It is not natural for there to be this much poop in one small area along our creeks and our forests”, and that the dozens of types are parasites the waste can contain can quickly and cause severe ecological problems. Her along with many others believe more people would pick up if they only knew the severity of the situation. She continues to volunteer even after the campaign ended, and reports collecting around 80lb of poop each month within just a half mile path of the trail.

– Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks is working with  and EnviroWagg to collect and compost dog waste at . See the .

– Based on a , the city found that dog waste is the largest litter stream by weight in its parks. As a consequence Toronto piloted a Green Bin Dog Waste Plan at several city parks that collects and processes this waste stream.

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The Doggy Dun It® Poop Pickup Scoop, a unique dog waste scoop that provides no fuss, no mess poop collection for the pet owner Dog poop DNA testing is a new, high-tech approach to curbing community dog waste problems and, as with most new technology entering a market, it can be expensive. To properly introduce the program, every dog in the community must have their DNA collected with a cheek swab and added to a database. A fee is charged for each dog added to the DNA database. In addition, there is also typically a fee for each waste sample collection kit and an additional fee to analyze each fecal sample.

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The system works as follows: All new and existing dog-owning residents are required to submit a mouth swab DNA sample from their pet. A database is then created and when wayward dog waste is found on community grounds, the community manager collects a sample in a plastic vial and sends it to the dog waste DNA testing facility. Waste samples are then crosschecked with DNA records to identify the offender. Once a match is made, the community levies an assessment fee against the offending owner; typically $100 for the first offence. In many communities using this system, repeat offenders risk escalating fines and possible loss of pet ownership privileges in the community.

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"The city saw this percentage and said to us, We need to get down to zero [waste to landfills], so we want you to start thinking about how to collect the dog waste and what can be done with it,'" Reed said.The issue dog owners face is poop collection. We've often solved it by collecting droppings with any one of the plastic bags that come to us in normal everyday use. While this is a form of reuse those bags make composting pet waste challenging.On your scheduled service days, a DoodyCalls pet waste technician will arrive at your home in one of our professional, fully branded trucks. He or she will walk your yard in a grid-like pattern with their eyes scanning back and forth across their path, collecting every doggie deposit spotted along the way. Once the first pass is complete, they will circle around and walk the path a second time.Even though the places where they collect the waste provide biodegradable dog waste bags the grinding is essential. At the end of the process they still have to screen their product to eliminate the bits of "biodegradable Plastic".