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With the Doggie Doo Drain, your current sewer or septic system is all you need. You simply screw on the Doggie Doo Drain to your sewer or septic clean-out, remove the Doggie Doo Drain cap, drop in your pet’s waste and rinse down with a hose. The dog waste is deposited into the sewer or septic line just as waste is from a toilet. The waste is then properly treated. Once set up, the system stays in place allowing you easy waste removal access.

“Invented by a plumbing contractor” Doggie Doo Drain – The Eco-Friendly Waste Removal System

5) Health Reasons: Dog waste contains bacteria and disease. Almost 33% of all pollutants in waterways are attributed to dog waste pollutants originating from rainwater run-off via sewer systems, and dogs soiling near watersheds or beaches. Dog waste is the third highest contributor to bacteria in contaminated waters. Dog waste can spread bacteria and disease to children, adults and other dogs.

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Here's a page from a WA county all about dog waste. They frown on burying it, composting it or using doogy-dooly-type systems: One of the simplest and greatest ideas for outdoor dog waste disposal is septic tanks and toilet systems designed exclusively for handling dog waste. Created by Doggie Dooley these systems are placed in the ground with a lid that sticks up slightly. The simple design allows users to simply pop up the lid with their foot and drop waste inside without ever having to bend over or use their hands.

The Doggie Dooley is a safe pet waste disposal system

Indoors PupGrass is part of the three part, PupHead portable dog waste disposal system. Under the top layer of PupGrass is a grate and tray to hold the liquid. Indoors or outdoors dog owners can quickly shovel up the dog waste and dispose. The grass can be hosed off with water and can even be placed in the dryer on air fluff for fast drying. The portable PupHead allows pet owners to take their pets on road trips, boat trips, hotel stays and even visiting the neighbors without worrying about messes and odors.

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Finally -- a convenient in-ground dog waste solution -- the In-Ground Dog Waste Toilet. Available in both Septic Tank and Leach System styles, these "toilets" use enzymes and bacteria to break-down dog waste into a ground-absorbing liquid. From Doggie Dooley: toilets and canine septic tanks.Doggie Dooley pet waste disposal systems were first manufactured in 1968. For over 40 years they've provided people with an excellent way to handle their dog's poop.If you are looking for a new and effective way to dispose of your pet's waste, than you need a dog toilet. The Powerloo is a relatively new technology designed to help pet owners effortlessly dispose of their pets' solid waste. With this unique outdoor system, pet owners never have to deal with picking up or stepping in their pet's waste ever again!Doggie Dooley
"The Doggie Dooley easily installs into the ground. It works just like a septic system using live organisms in the enzyme digester. Foot operated lid opener makes it easy to drop in pet waste. Occasionally add water and digester powder and unit automatically reduces stools to ground absorbing liquid. Lawn stays waste and odor-free. Environmentally friendly. Choose from the Original Dooley Prism or the Deluxe Dooley Prism which can be expanded to increase its capacity. Both come with 6 month supply of digester powder. The liquid enzymes in the Doggie Dooley are not effective in temperatures below freezing."
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