Kennel Canteen 64 ounce dog waterer

this is the best dog canteen on the market, i have 2, and looking to buy a 3rd, they keep going and going and going. 30 below and still fresh water. no ice at all

Take a canteen with collapsible water bowl on all your summer fun with your dog this summer.

The OurPet`s Walk-n-Water is a portable water canteen and bowl that makes giving your dog water while on the go a breeze. An adjustable carrying strap is included. The bowl and canteen snap together making this portable unit easy to carry.

Keep your best friend hydrated with our Canine Canteen

Canteen style portable dog water dispensers generally hold more water than the bottle styles. Capacities range from 26 to 36 ounces. In the past, the OASIS line of products centered around products needed for the keepers of small animal pets. There were specialty items designed for rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. Water Bottles were our specialty and we led the market with innovative ways of providing water to our customer's pets. We also provided a few products for dogs. Our "Dog Travel Canteen" was one of the first portable water bowls designed for our canine companions. Our "Dog Catcher" didn't really catch dogs, it was a flying disk product with the center cut out that dogs could see through as they fetched and returned to their owners.

Give your active dog fresh water anytime, and anywhere

You’ll especially like this feature if you’re on a long hike: when your dog is finished drinking, any unused water can be funneled back into the canteen. No leptospirosis or Giardia worries of him drinking out of streams by the trail, you’ve already planned ahead for his hydration needs.

The Hydro-Go is a cleverly designed canteen and dog bowl in one

The Traveling Canteen is a portable all-in-one dog food and water bowl. No more fussing with bags of food and water bottles. No flimsy little fold-up containers that need constant refilling.TIOVERY Dog Water Bottle, Pet Travel Water Bowl Outdoor Canteen Kettle with Removable Cup for Dogs Cats -- Quickly view this special cat product, click the image : Christmas Presents for CatsOur unique design allows the water to flow around the food bowl, keeping it cool and fresh until it's time to eat. Just fill the canteen and you're on your way. A large handle and bottom grip make carrying easy, so whenever your dog is thirsty or hungry --wherever you are--you're ready for him.TIOVERY Dog Water Bottle, Pet Travel Water Bowl Outdoor Canteen Kettle with Removable Cup for Dogs Cats *** Additional info : Christmas Presents for Cats